Best Poker Sites for Beginners: Tips and Tricks to Find Them

  • Choosing a poker site can be overwhelming for beginners
  • It is good to practice different versions for free on secure online sites
  • Most online poker sites also offer welcome bonuses and low-stake games
best poker sites for beginners

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games in the world, and you can also play it on most online gambling sites. It’s not easy to choose the right one though if you’re just getting started. In our summary below we try to give you some useful tips and ideas about finding the best poker sites for beginners. So if you want to get better at poker without losing a lot of money, just read our summary below. 

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If you’re a beginner poker player, you want to find a site where you can practice and improve your skills without losing a lot. So you’ll need an easy-to-use, simple site which is safe and trustworthy. It has great offers and bonuses and a good choice of poker games. A free-play option is also useful just like low stakes. Also, look out for sites offering fast payout options and check these out before registering. Don’t forget that you can try out different websites or play on more than one simultaneously. And choose the right one after comparing their most important features. 

Find the best poker sites for beginners that are also safe

As we mentioned above, there are certain criteriums that you can check if you’re looking for the best poker sites for beginners. First of all, it has to be a safe site, so always look for certifications and licenses that confirm them. It is also useful to check the companies’ names to see if they have any bad reviews. So you can avoid using a fake site. A site without proper security measurements is another risk, as your details can be viewed by the wrong people. Without these secure sockets layers (SSL) your funds can be withdrawn by them even without you noticing it. 

best poker sites for beginners
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Most sites will also come with geolocation software that determines the place that you’re playing from. It will also stop players from certain countries to access the page which can be sometimes annoying. But if a site is not available in your country, just look for another one as accessing these sites in alternative ways is also not too safe. Another key point to look out for is the existence of customer service. Which guarantees that you can contact the site in case of any issue. 

Play for free

Once you checked that your selected site is safe and secure, start to discover it in more detail. See what kind of games you can play with. If there is a free play option as it is always useful for beginners. So you can try out different games and choose the right one without risking your money. You can also learn more about the game, and how it works. Which button to use to raise, call or fold a bet. And how to communicate with other players. Of course, a real game will be slightly different, with players not risking as much as in the free games. But it’s a great way to practice and is available on the biggest online poker sites in the US

Look for bonuses and other offers

Welcome bonus and other special offers for new players can be another feature that can attract you to a site. You can get free money, free participation in tournaments, and other special prizes. Always read the terms and conditions for these bonuses though as you usually need to make a deposit to get it. Usually, they are still worth it, so don’t miss these offers. And do not concentrate only on the biggest poker sites like Everygame Poker. As other, smaller sites can also offer bonuses. 

Search for wide availability and low stakes

As a beginner, probably you don’t even know half of the poker games that exist on online gambling sites in the US.  Surely you heard about Texas Hold’em, but do you know other popular games like Omaha, 7-card stud, or Chinese Poker? The good news is that you can learn all of them on online poker sites without feeling stupid in front of other players. 

best poker sites for beginners

The best option is if you can practice them for free. But even if you know a game, it’s good to choose a site with low-stakes options at the beginning. So you can avoid losing huge amounts of money even if you make a mistake. Which will surely happen as a beginner player. Also good to check the traffic of a site, and choose one with lots of visitors. As you’re likely to meet more beginners like you, making the chances of winning more likely.

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