Best Poker Variants to Play Online

  • Always get familiar with the rules of the poker variation you chose to play
  • Sometimes, your main goal might be to make the lowest hand possible
Best Poker variants to play online

Poker is one of the most popular games at online gambling sites in the US and the good news for poker lovers is that there are several best poker variants to play online! 

The game has a long history and appeared in many movies, books, etc. However, the emergence of its many other versions changed the term of poker. That is, if a few years ago poker referred to one game only. Today, however, it can also refer to other card games.

There are many different versions of poker to play online and we are going to share some of them!

One of the Best Poker Variants to Play Online – Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular and best poker variants to play online.

There have been many different poker types throughout the history of the games. Nevertheless, they were not equally important and none of those could become as popular as Texas Hold’em. Currently, Texas Hold’em is one of the most favorite poker variants at both live and online casinos in the US. And that’s not for nothing, there are many reasons for that.

Moreover, it’s pretty simple to understand how to play Texas Hold’em Poker and improve at it. The game’s great popularity became an inspiration for many books, movies, etc. that provide great tips to the game. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to improve Texas Hold’em playing skills, you can easily do so – some research will be enough. There is a lot of information on that.

Omaha HI Is Much Similar to Texas Hold’Em

Though Texas Hold’em Poker’s popularity seems to have no competitors, there are still some other best poker variants to play online. And one of those is Omaha Hi – the poker game that comes 2nd in popularity after Texas Hold’em.

“Hi” is not just a part of the name here, however. It refers to the highest hand that takes the whole pot as an award. Gamblers usually play Omaha Hi at the pot-limit time which is also famous as Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO).

The basics of the game are pretty similar to those of Texas Hold’em. There is one small difference though – instead of 2 each player gets 4 hole cards. Gamblers still have to do their best with their hand of 5 cards just as they did before. However, here they have to use 2 hole cards and 3 community cards at the showdown stage.

Since players have more cards at the beginning of the game it makes it easier to make a good hand. That’s because the number of combinations of 2-hole cards rises by 6.

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Best Poker variants to play online
Let’s play!

In Stud Poker, You Will Have No Community Cards

Stud Poker mainly refers to a group of various games that have similar rules of play. Still, every game has its own rules as well that differentiate it from other variations.

There is a thing that is common for all the stud poker rules. Every player gets a combination of the faced up and faced down hole cards and they do not get any community cards. Besides, there is no possibility to exchange any of those cards. That makes it different from Texas Hold’em and Omaha, nevertheless, the game is still among the best poker variants to play online. Therefore, even if you know how to play, say, Texas Hold’em, Stud Poker online strategies are different from it.

Different types of stud poker are popular among players even though there are many new game variations. Thus, before you start playing, get familiar with the stud poker rules of the type you chose first. You can play Stud poker at Intertops Casino! And do not forget to use online gambling bonuses in the US. 

Ace-to-Five Lowball Poker Also Known as California Lowball

Gamblers also refer to ace-to-five lowball poker as California Lowball. Though the game is less common than the previous poker games that we mentioned above, it’s still popular. It only takes a few games to play, and you are coming back to this game again and again. Therefore, the gamblers consider the game as one of the best poker variants to play online.

Best Poker variants to play online
What’s your favorite variant?

5-Card Draw – Try to Make the Best Hand Possible

The main goal in 5-card draw poker is to try to make the highest hand possible.

At the start of the game, every player is dealt with one’s hand. The players’ hands, however, remain hidden from other players. This makes the game more entertaining and dynamic since the players can make their hands strong themselves. At the same time, the players do not know how the game will go against other players’ hands.

In many movies, you might notice that the 5-card draw poker is not among the uncommon version of the games. Onlookers, however, can almost immediately evaluate the strength of the players’ holdings.

The game has one round only which makes it easy to play and understand. Moreover, you can also easily move from one hand to another. In a 5-card poker game, you are able to play many more hands in an hour in comparison to some other best poker variants to play online.

Best Poker Variants to Play – the Lowest Hand Wins in Razz

Razz is a variation of Seven Stud Poker. This means that to some extent, the game follows the rules similar to Seven Stud Poker.

In this game, the players are aiming to make the lowest hand possible. And trying to guess the lowest hand possible in a 5-card hand is easier than to do so in a 7-card hand. Due to this, the game is pretty easy to understand and to play which makes it among the best poker variants to play online.

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