Best Sports Betting Youtubers: The Top 7


Posted: January 10, 2022

Updated: January 10, 2022

  • A list of quality sports betting video content creators
  • Youtube is the best streaming service
  • Best sports betting YouTubers

We collected the best sports betting YouTubers for you to follow and watch. These channels are offering quality tips for online sportsbook sites in the US. They are often explaining their betting strategies, or share their tips with you for free. What is unique about Youtubers is that they can often be trusted, as the more subscribers and viewers they have, the more revenue they generate. This way, all of them are thriving towards reliability and integrity. According to PlayUSA, several unprofessional vloggers were banned for not following the guidelines and viewer experience protocols. These still-existing sports betting channels are proof of the content creator’s good intentions. Let’s check out the best sports betting YouTubers.

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1. Winning Bets – Best Sports Betting YouTubers

Winning Bets is a relatively new YouTuber. He has the smallest subscriber count on this list. While he did not receive the recognition he deserves yet, he is far away from bad. He is interactive with his small fanbase, and he is giving out honest betting opinions. He is the type of YouTuber you are not watching for the best tips, but rather to be a part of a smaller, growing community. His content mostly consists of betting challenges. His name is Jason Mattis, and he is hosting the Winning Bets Podcast weekly. He is an honest sports fan, and he understands not only the betting industry but the players and teams as well. His current subscriber count is standing at a humble 2.68K. According to his Social Blade prediction, this will increase to 11.8K in 5 years.

2. Covers

Covers are a go-to sport for free picks and betting advice. Their goal is to make smarter sports bettors by producing quality entertainment and educational content. Just like Winning Bets, they are also hosting weekly podcasts. The main host of the channel is called Adam, and he is inviting famous bettors and industry professionals to these podcasts. The channel is producing an underwhelming viewevercount compared to the effort and quality Adam is bringing to the channel. Producing three videos every day, and one live stream. Adam is not only mass-producing content for his 5.26K subscribers, but he is also displaying a passion for what he does. Because let’s be honest, he could mass-produce low-quality content. But instead, he is grinding, despite the lack of increase in his viewership.

3. Sports Gambling Daily Free Picks Today

Sports Gambling Daily is mainly run by a sports betting professional called Jared. Using his online nickname “Coach” at the introduction part of his videos. He has 8.88K subscribers, and his youtube channel seems to be a bit repetitive. With his outlay always being the same, set for easy production. It is not a bad thing, however. Because the type of content he generates does not require a different outlay for each video. He is not an entertainment, but a podcast and betting news reports channel. With the addition of free picks. His personality is loved by his followers. He often shares his strategies and spreads the best advice to his knowledge. If you are an average sportsbook fan, who thrives to prove the bookies wrong, then you should join Coach’s community.

4. Odds Shark

With Odds Shark, begins the next tier of youtube content on the list. The previously mentioned vloggers are mostly producing podcast-like content which focuses on hours-long talks. Odds Shark, however, is not only high-quality sports betting advisor, and an avid sports fan. But he is also a talented editor, with interesting and engaging editorial methods of an expert. He is offering slightly more entertainment than others in the category. The YouTuber behind Odds Shark is Joe Osborne, with 19,2K Subscribers. If you are looking for more than receiving information, but also a clear outlay in which the important details are displayed on, then you should join the community of Odds Shark.

5. Bettingexpert – Best Sports Betting YouTubers

Stephen Harris of Bettingexpert is the YouTuber who is at the first steps of the highest tier of best sports betting YouTubers. He is mostly focused on, but not limited to Horse Racing bets. His editing skills, while repetitive, are perfectly even, and they are easily displaying the information you need to know. He can proudly claim the smoothest broadcasting layout on the list. Because watching his videos feels like you are watching a true professional. He is displaying visuals about the topics he talks about, and he makes sure that you don’t have to keep on scrolling back in the video if you misheard any information.

As he is actively showing the odds he mentions clearly. Bettingexpert deserves nothing but success in his youtube career for his hard work, and if you are a fan of sports betting, then you should already be a part of his community. Currently, he has 21.3K subscribers.

6. Kev’s Picks

Kev’s Picks is a youtube channel whose owner is Kevin. Kevin is not only managing his youtube channel, but he is also managing his website, creating a community that revolves around his insights into his sports bettings. What made Kev’s Picks possess a significant amount of subscribers compared to other YouTubers. Is his general approach to youtube. Previously mentioned channels are a bit hard to consume, with hours-long podcasts, to a very taxing amount of information. Kev’s Picks is keeping it cool. No flashy youtube outlay and he is not acting as a sports reporter. Watching his videos feels like speaking to a friend who is an expert in sports betting. If you are interested in the best sports betting YouTubers, you should definitely increase their subscriber count to 35,7K. His most popular video almost feels like sitting inside of an online class.

7. Wagertalk – Best Sports Betting Youtubers

Reaching the end of the list, the best sports betting YouTuber is Wagertalk. With his 90,9k subscriber count. What makes this channel more successful than the rest on the list, is that Wagertalk is a community of passionate betting enthusiasts. They are offering every single element mentioned in other YouTuber’s lists. From clean layout to podcasts, and easy readability. They have everything a sports betting fan might want to watch. Being successful bettors, and they are talking about these topics with an honest voice.They are often discussing topics that might not be the most trending discussions at the moment, but true sports fans can appreciate someone talking about them. According to their Social Blade profile, they are earning $4.4k monthly. With their subscribers reaching over one million in the next five years.

How to Join the Best Sports Betting YouTubers?

In our other article, we already mentioned that online streaming is becoming the new television. But if creating content is not your world, you can also do online sports betting, without having to broadcast it. Join the best online sport betting community, Bovada Sportsbook. They are one of the best sportsbooks in the US. You can find almost everything you want to look for, and if you can’t, you can request custom wagers on their Twitter, using the hashtag #WhatsYaWager.

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