Top 5 Best Super Bowl Performances Ever


Posted: January 31, 2020

Updated: January 31, 2020

  • Who are the best singers at the Super Bowl Halftime Show?
  • Top 5 best performances: from Michael Jackson to Katy Perry
  • Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will try to reach the top this February
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The 54th edition of the Super Bowl is coming. This year, the stage will belong to Shakira and Jennifer Lopez during the Halftime Show. Will two pop divas enter the list of best Super Bowl performances? Before saying yes or no, let’s discover who gave us the most memorable shows in previous years.

Performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show is prestigious due to a number of reasons. Firstly, this is the most popular sports event in the US. Secondly, the Super Bowl gets over 100 million viewers annually, which brings performers to new heights of popularity. Finally, the Halftime Show has always been choosing the best of the best to entertain its audience, so giving a performance is an honor for every artist.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will take the stage at this year’s Super Bowl, which is scheduled for February 3. We have no doubt that these pop divas will give an unforgettable performance that will enter the list of the best Halftime Shows ever. However, let’s first see how the top of the best Super Bowl performances looks so far.

Madonna’s show is among the best Super Bowl performances

It’s difficult to compete with Madonna when it comes to making a great show. The pop queen became a headliner for the Super Bowl in 2012. She entered the Lucas Oil Stadium stage on a giant throne carried by dozens of men dressed as gladiators. During her 12-minutes performance, Madonna rocked with her best hits & premiere of “Give Me All Your Luvin’” featuring M.I.A and Nicki Minaj. Another guest artist on Madonna’s show was LMFAO – the duo joined the pop icon while performing “Music”.

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Madonna’s performance in 2012 was unforgettable [Center Grove High School Bands [CC BY-SA] Wikimedia Commons]
Critics named Madonna’s show stylish, energetic and expensive-looking. She changed several outfits during her performance, giving preference to black colors. During various parts of the show, drummers, dancers, and cheerleaders appeared on the stage. The final act was memorable for “Like a Prayer” featuring Green and lots of people, invading the stadium in robes.

Michael Jackson took the stage in 1993

The pop king’s performance at the Super Bowl took place in 1993. Jackson’s show was memorable from the very beginning: he entered the stage by jumping unexpectedly to its middle out of nowhere. Then the king of pop stood still for almost two minutes to attract people’s attention and stir them enough before he started singing. 

Michael Jackson gave us the most brilliantly choreographed show ever. He spent all 12 minutes of his performance dancing to his best hits, including “Billie Jean” and “Jam”. In the end, however, he sang “We Are the World” with a choir of children. It was a very heart-touching moment that didn’t need any visual effects.

Left Shark brought Katy Perry to the top 5

This woman knows how to make a show. Viewers of the 2015 Halftime Show will always remember at least one thing: Left Shark, whose dance became viral on the Internet. However, this is not the only memorable moment at one of the best Super Bowl performances.

Katy Perry entered the Phoenix Stadium stage on a giant mechanized tiger singing her hit song “Roar” with the following performances of “Dark Horse” and “I Kissed a Girl” in a duo with Lenny Kravitz. Another music legend – Missy Elliot – joined Perry to sing “Get Ur Freak On”. The bright 12-minutes performance finished with Katy Perry flying over the stadium and singing “Firework”.

Perry’s show was appraised by the audience. According to the NFL, her performance is the most-watched Halftime Show ever in the US. Bet on Shakira & J.Lo to beat this record at online sportsbooks in the US

Lady Gaga’s show is the best among females

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Lady Gaga gave the best female show in the history of Super Bowl [Voice of America [Public domain] Wikimedia Commons]
As soon as Lady Gaga sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the Super Bowl in 2016, her participation in the Halftime Show became a question of time. The pop icon became the headliner one year later, having made the best female performance ever, according to various sources. Her medley had higher average viewership than the game itself. Also, Gaga’s 13-minutes live show became the most-watched ever worldwide. Interestingly, the new pop queen hit the stage of NRG Stadium without inviting any guest artists to join her show, so she broke the record on her own.

Lady Gaga surprised the audience several times during the Halftime Show. Firstly, she emerged on the rooftop of the stadium and sang “God Bless America”. This introduction was followed by hundreds of drones making up the US flag in the sky. Then, Gaga jumped from the roof to the middle of the stage and gave a spectacular performance of “Poker Face”, “Born This Way” and ‘Bad Romance” as well as a very heart-touching “Million Reasons”.

Best Super Bowl performances: Prince is #1

No wonder that it was Prince to give us one of the best Super Bowl performances ever. His show took place in 2007 and was considered as the best one ever by various sources. Prince’s 12-minutes medley included such hits as “Baby, I’m a Star” and “Let’s Go Crazy” along with outstanding visuals. However, the musician preferred to start the show with Queen’s iconic “We Will Rock You” and it was the smartest decision. The performance ended with an immortal hit “Purple Rain” when it actually started raining. What an amazing coincidence! 

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