The Best Super League XXIV Betting Odds

In the 24th installment of the rugby Super League, 12 teams will battle it out to feature in the much anticipated grand final. This time around, the Super League XXIV bBetting oOdds favor St Helens, Warrington and Wigan as favorites. With the Word Cup Challenge participation at stake, which two teams will you bet on to feature in the final?

Super League XXIV Betting Odds
Bet on the Grand Final!

The Super League XXIV will run from 31 January 2019 to 12 October 2019. Twelve teams will compete in 29 rounds in the hopes of making it to the grand final at Old Trafford, Manchester. BetVictor has listed the following teams as favorites to feature in the final:

  1. St Helens (10/3)
  2. Warrington (10/3)
  3. Wigan (4/1)

Super League giants St Helen seek feature in grand final following 4 year wait

St. Helens R.F.C.The Merseyside club will enter the season with the best odds to feature in the grand final. St Helens have been a powerhouse since the 1996 inauguration season having won the title 6 times. Despite not featuring in the grand final in the previous season, the club finished top of the league leaders shield.

With an impressive history and star line-up, the club will only need to maintain focus to reach the grand final. St Helen has notable many honorable mentions in their seasons so far having won the super league championship 6 times.

Warrington look to make it 5 appearances in the grand final

Warrington are a successful Super League club with the good odds to feature in the grand final. They also have the same chance of featuring in the final as local rivals St Helens.

The club is one of the league’s most competitive teams with an impressive list of grand final appearances. Even though Warrington have not won the tournament yet, it’s clear why the Super League XXIV betting odds are in their favor: they have appeared in 4 grand finals.

The rugby club also have homegrown and international star players that can help them reach the grand final. And this is how they performed in the 23rd season:

  • Tom Lineham
    • Position: Center
    • Tries: 16
    • Try assists:5
    • Try tackles: 79
  • Stefan Ratchford
    • Position: Full back
    • Tries:15
    • Try assists:19
    • Try tackles: 227

Will rugby heavyweights Wigan defend championship and silence rivals?

Wigan WarriorsWigan are one of the hopefuls looking to feature in another consecutive grand final. They have goods odds but have lower chances compared to rivals St Helens and Warrington. The club won Super League XXIII and finished 2nd in the final standings. And together with star players such as Liam Marshall and Oliver Gildart, Wigan pose a strong threat to their competitors.

Their impressive record and positive reputation definitely boost their chances. They are the league’s most successful club having featured in 10 grand finals and winning the title 5 times.

All the Super League contenders have shown that they have the quality and determination to feature in the grand final. A lot is at stake for the rugby teams. The possibility to win the championship is also crucial but pride is on the line too. The three teams are famous rivals, and booking a spot in this grand final will go a long way for their honor.

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