Best Value UCL Fantasy Defenders for the 2020/2021 Season


Posted: November 24, 2020

Updated: November 24, 2020

  • This season, the options for budget-friendly defenders are plentiful in both quality and quantity
  • According to our guide, fantasy managers should also look to pick defenders with attacking potential 
  • So far, this includes Ramy Bensebaini and Angeliño

Every season, fantasy managers are up against finding value in defense when building their ultimate Champions League fantasy team. This time around, we’ve provided fantasy players with top picks for 2020/2021 the best value UCL Fantasy defenders. 

Champions League is back, and this time we’ve partnered with FanTeam, the DFS to play this season’s fantasy football. Without a doubt, picking defenders is also a crucial component in any fantasy managers agenda. Presently, premium defenders such as Sergio Ramos can cost fantasy managers between €5.6m to €6.5m.

However, this season, there are also defenders that can bring just as much value to the table to the table without a hefty price tag. Fortunately, we’ve handpicked several best value UCL Fantasy defenders to earn you more points on a budget.

Ramy Bensebaini leads our picks of best value UCL Fantasy defenders

Presently, Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Ramy Besebaini is among this season’s best value UCL Fantasy defenders to select when playing on FanTeam. So far this season, Besebaini is among the top points scorers having racked up 25 points. Additionally, managers should strive to get defenders with attacking potential.

This according to our play UCL Fantasy for real money guide is because defenders accumulate more points for goal scoring. Fortunately, Bensebaini is doing just that after scoring two goals so far in the 2021 UCL season.

Consequently, it will be difficult for fantasy managers to ignore the defender at the friendly price of €5.5m.

best value UCL fantasy defenders
Let’s play!

Angeliño’s attacking prowess cannot be ignored

This season, Angeliño is also among the top best value UCL Fantasy defenders for managers to consider on FanTeam. So far this season, the Leipzig defender has proven to be a threat on both ends of the pitch. As a result, Angeliño has accumulated an impressive 25 points from three games.

Most importantly, 15 of those points came from one assist and two goals. What’s more, the defender who’s a formidable force in attack is a steal at just €5.4m. Consequently, he’s a must-have if you’re looking to win big on the online daily fantasy sports in the UK.

More must-have budget-friendly defenders

Currently, is Diego Carlos is also among affordable yet valuable players to pick to build the ultimate 2021 UCL team. So far, the Sevilla defender is proving to be a strong force in recording clean sheets and for ball recoveries.

Furthermore, Diego Carlos has accumulated a respectable 21 points from three games. Not bad for the Sevilla defended who’s priced at €5.1m according to the online daily fantasy sports news in the UK.

Lastly, Thomas Meunier is also among this season’s best value UCL Fantasy defenders to consider when playing on FanTeam. After three games, Meunier has proven to offer the most value in keeping clean sheets (2) and for ball recoveries (20).

Consequently, the Borussia Dortmund can bring a lot to the table without a hefty price at €5m.

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