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Posted: June 14, 2024

Updated: June 14, 2024

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There are many different content creators to watch. But sometimes we just crave a higher quality storytelling. For that, we have collected some of the best YouTube shows for gamblers! No matter what you wish to see, this list has it all. From law to entertainment, and even new hobbies to discover. Join us and take a look at some of the best episodic storytelling on YouTube!

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Today we brought you our list of the best YouTube shows for gamblers! This time, we decided to filter out the usual slot YouTubers. Therefore, this list is not going to contain any form of vlog or typical online content. Instead, these are shows that are available on YouTube for you to watch. They have their music, production, and of course educational value to them. We made sure to separate every single category, and each will give you knowledge that will refine certain aspects of your gambling skills.

Whether it is raising awareness about the dangers of gambling, educating you about the laws, or perhaps just teaching you how to play like a pro, we have it all in one place! Register at some of the online casino sites in the US if you wish to be a part of the best gambling tables!

VSauce’s Mind Field – Best YouTube Shows For Gamblers

Hey, Vsauce! Michael here. If you heard this phrase before, then you are in for a fun ride. We decided to start with one of the most interesting shows available on YouTube, and this is VSauce’s Mind Field. According to Reddit, nowadays VSauce is gone from the YouTube scene, occasionally posting YouTube shorts. However, we still can listen to the show where he is discovering some of the greatest mechanisms of the human brain.

The reason why we believe that Mind Field can help gamblers is because the show tends to show you how the human brain truly works. Thus, it can help us fight the magical thinking that often causes the doom of many gamblers in the casino. Get educated, get smart, get responsible! To play at a great casino, register at Ignition Casino.

Michael, VSauce here gambling

World Poker Tour Live

Of course, we are not here to fully get educated. Sometimes we just want to be in contact with the gambling community. What else would bring you a personal experience than watching high-stakes poker playing against each other? According to the WPT The World Poker Tour releases episodes each week on NBC Sports, Root Sports, MSG, and SportsNet, while the stream is available on PlutoTV, Redbox, XUMO, Freevee, Tubi, Fubo, Sling, and finally, the final table live streams are available on their official Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook pages.

This is one of the highest levels of poker competition, which will help you understand how to make some of the best plays and bluffs. Therefore, we believe that it is one of the best YouTube shows for gamblers who want to see the best poker players.

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Critical Role – Best YouTube Shows For Gamblers

Any nerds out here? If you love entertainment, we have some nerdy voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons every Thursday night! We have an article to list all the instances of gambling in Critical Role. In this show, we see professional and famous voice actors sitting at the same table, playing everyone’s favorite TTRPG. But why do we recommend this for gamblers? Well, we have a plethora of reasons:

  • The game often features gambling culture and games
  • The thrill of the events is similar to the anticipation of poker games
  • It’s fun and might give you a new hobby!
  • You have to roll dice in this game to determine outcomes

Essentially, this is not a gambling game, but an adventuring game where you are role-playing different characters, rolling for their stats. The show is entertaining, and you have three campaigns worth of episodes to watch. Of course, you can start easy and watch “The Legend of Vox Machina” animated series on Prime, to see their adventures animated.

Critical Role gambling

Legal Eagle

The Legal Eagle is an interesting YouTube channel that analyzes law from a lawyer’s point of view. This channel might be boring to some, but very useful to everyone. We are not only going to learn about gambling but complex cases that might happen to us at times. According to Lexology, the world of gambling is full of unique laws and legislative debates. Therefore, we need to understand how to stay safe when it comes to our legal rights.

In this channel, you can learn about many unique cases and the lawyer’s take on what is wrong and right. If you are ever interested in law, then this is your first go-to channel to get into the very basics, and to hear the terminologies without having to read hundreds of textbooks. This is one of the best YouTube shows for gamblers who are worried about casinos that might not play the correct way.

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Hustler Casino – Best YouTube Shows For Gamblers

Similarly to the WPT, the Hustler Casino is going to host some of the most interesting high-roller games, with the addition that they tend to invite interesting guests. Celebrities, YouTube stars, former professionals, athletes, chess legends. The Hustler tries to give value beyond some poker pros who play against each other. It sometimes has interesting stories. See, the Hustler Casino is professional, but still young.

We have seen several players trying to cheat, and the Hustler Casino scandal is a whole nother level of story to read and unfold. The show is a descent with their community, and they even posted the investigation of a cheating case, point by point to give a transparent experience to the viewers. What is this if not dedication to the gambling community?

Watch live shows on youtube

Casino Confidential

We end our list of the best YouTube shows for gamblers with a black sheep on the list. This show is not something on YouTube, but you might find cuts, edits, or footage from this old show. Do you remember Casino Confidential? The show where we get an insight into the chaotic world of casino management, seeing the character development of workers from a simple showgirl to a pit manager. Where we can see the security fighting a cult of hypnotists, worried about the fact that they might hypnotize the casino.

Is the bachelor party too wild at one of the hotel rooms? Well, sometimes the security just has to wait for the ladies to calm them down. This is the world Casino Confidential shows us, and we believe the stories might not be as scripted as most would claim. This show shows why people chose Vegas as their career and lifestyle. If you wish to play something tame, that evokes the same era, register at Ignition Casino.

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