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Posted: June 13, 2024

Updated: June 13, 2024

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Today we are here to explain how to use the supernatural in gambling! This will be a perfect guide for your fictional story, or perhaps a little inspiration for something like a creative project. But of course, you should never try to rely on superstitions while gambling with real money. Still, we all love some sci-fi and fantasy!

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Today we are going to give you food for thought and teach you how to use the supernatural in gambling. Of course, none of these supernatural powers were proven to exist science directly denies them. However, we love fiction stories, and we have collected some of the greatest superpowers one might use while writing a fictional story about a gambler with supernatural powers.

Make sure to acknowledge that real-life gambling games are all about luck, and humans do not possess the power to manipulate machines or the cosmos to receive guidance. Thus, play gambling games with responsibility. But why wouldn’t we entertain ourselves with cool ideas we’d love to see in a movie? Just imagine applying any of these practices at the online casino sites in India.

Hypnotize Them! – How To Use The Supernatural In Gambling

One of the closest practices to be real on this list is hypnosis. We have thousands of conspiracy theories, hundreds of alleged hypnotics, and course, several other stories about hypnosis. According to Healthline, hypnosis is the guided practice of giving suggestions during a relaxed state. The real way hypnosis works is that it requires someone to be open to suggestions. Thus, you can not be hypnotized if you are not already open to the idea of what you are being hypnotized to.

This is how cults manage to convince people to do things, or this is how we explain mass hysteria. Essentially, hypnosis is just a way to suggest things. But if a dealer is already open to cheating the game for your favor? Then why wouldn’t you use hypnotic suggestions? Of course, to play fair you can always just register at PlayFortuna Casino.

Hypnotize people in a casino

Call For Your Spectral Friend’s Aid

If you wish to understand how to use the supernatural in gambling, then maybe you want to read some of the most popular gambling love stories. These are stories telling of happenings when passed-away lovers came back to give us information in a casino. This way, they leave the world knowing that we are financially secure. While it feels grotesque to hit the casino after a loved one passes away, these stories truly tell how a person’s soul may endure to return to help their loved ones.

Similarly, if you are a medium, you might ask your spectral friends to peek at the hands of the dealer. That would win you some of the greatest money of all time, and you do not even have to split with the ghosts.

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Use Divination – How To Use The Supernatural In Gambling

Of course, some gambling games give us chances to pick numbers. This is when we can use some good old divination. Whether it is fire gazing, or perhaps using tarot cards, we can try mixing fortune telling and gambling. Did you notice that there is a number on the top of all tarot cards? Some people love to pick their lottery numbers by selecting a set of tarot cards, and adding up the numbers to select the desired series of numbers.

This way, they can easily find a system in which they can guess, without having to rely on purely random number selection. While this is not guaranteed to work at all, following a system is the same as picking random numbers.

Use of divination and tarot for gambling

Time For Telekinesis

We are on the wild field, and lovers of sci-fi will already hate us for this. To learn how to use the supernatural in gambling, start to practice telekinesis. According to Reddit, this power can not exist, due to two reasons: One being human’s inability to expand their electromagnetic field. The other is the fact that we did not create machines that are adaptive to electromagnetic energy.

However, we can see that the first form of pseudo-telekinesis is being created with Elon Musk’s neural link, where people might be able to control at least digital games. Still, if anyone is secretly a telekinetic, they can easily command the roulette wheel to stop spinning, so they may get their desired result. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

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Astral Projection – How To Use The Supernatural In Gambling

If nothing works on this list, you may still try astral projecting yourself to somewhere where the answers are found. This can be imagined in several different ways. Either trying to astral project yourself in time, or perhaps to a plane of existence where creatures just simply know the answer. Alternatively, you may astral project yourself to whoever is running the game, to see the results.

Essentially, astral projection allows you to leave your body to enter a state of spectral-like essence. In this state, you can travel to different realms and discover them. While this is a little superstitious, we surely have real meditation practices for gamblers, in case you have issues with your level of awareness.

Astral project to a casino

Travel Back In Time

There are several different ways to learn how to use the supernatural in gambling. However, the classic method will always be time travel. We have seen it in several fiction, and of course, countless amounts of conspiracy theories. In reality, many people believe that lottery winners are essentially time travelers. If you know how to travel back in time, you can suggest the numbers for yourself. If you can jump forward in the future, then you can just see the numbers and go back to the present.

This is a win-win situation for you. But here comes the paradox: How do you jump into the future, if your future is to get rich by using time travel? You will be in an endless paradox loop. To play retro games is another way to travel back in time on the streams of nostalgia. For that, just register at PlayFortuna Casino.

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