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Posted: June 13, 2024

Updated: June 13, 2024

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Today we have collected a list of forgotten gambling games, to introduce you to the gambling of the old world. Epic battles and scammy dealers made the games less popular, yet the enthusiasts of the game have managed to rework the rules, eventually leading to the games we are playing today.

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Are you a fan of history? Perhaps the lover of mystery, and seeker of the antique? If that’s the case, then this list of forgotten gambling games is going to help you evoke some of the most predominant games that started gambling trends all over the world. We have selected games from different eras, to reflect upon how gambling has started to develop in different cultures with the unlikely influence on each other.

Gambling is a part of human nature, and we are not surprised how all humans have created their types of games, no matter where they live. Some people lived not only high but gigantic stakes, while others wanted to play with pennies while they were bored. And even today, you can play most of these games by registering at online casino sites in the US.

Hazard – List Of Forgotten Gambling Games

The grandfather of all modern games comes from the times of gambling in medieval times. Hazard is a centuries-old gambling game believed to have originated in the medieval period. Popular in Europe, particularly in England and France, it is a dice game where players bet on the outcome of the roll. The game was especially favored in noble circles and is mentioned in historical literature, including Geoffrey Chaucer’sThe Canterbury Tales.”

The rules of Hazard are complex and involve multiple stages, including a come-out roll to establish a main point, and subsequent rolls to hit or miss the main. Many believe that the nameHazardwas forgotten, but this is not all true. For example, in Hungary, we call gambling gameshazárd játékwhich translates to gambling games. If you are interested in trying some of the modern hazard games, just register at Ignition Casino.

hazard history

Pharaoh – Faro

While the name is deceiving, this game does not come from Egypt. For that, we recommend you take a look at some of the even more interesting god-gambling chess games. The list of forgotten gambling games has games such as Faro or Pharaoh, which enjoyed large popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and the United States. According to the Playing Card Decks, people had to bet on which cards might win in a series drawn by a dealer. This was a phenomenal game, similar to roulette.

However, its popularity has started to decline due to its notorious rigging mechanisms and shady dealers. Therefore, it has slowly started to fade out from casinos. Thanks to the internet, Faro was revived in the form of automated games, where the dealer can no longer rig the game against you.

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Keno – List Of Forgotten Gambling Games

Keno is a lottery-like gambling game with roots tracing back to ancient China, making it one of the oldest known gambling games still played today. Originally part of a fundraising effort for the construction of the Great Wall, Keno involves players selecting a set of numbers from a larger pool, typically 80, and then hoping that their chosen numbers match those randomly drawn. Keno was also great for offering rewards outside of money, giving people valuables based on the winning numbers.

This became extremely popular in places such as Hungary during communism when the government did not want individuals to win significant money, but they were okay with handing out houses or cars. According to the Szerencsejáték Zrt, Keno still exists today, and there is a digitally available format to it too!

Keno explained


Fan-Tan is a traditional Chinese gambling game that has been played for centuries, particularly during the Qing Dynasty. The game is typically played with a pile of small objects, like buttons or beads, and a cup. Players bet on the outcome of the number of objects left after the dealer divides the pile into groups of four. This one truly deserves to be put on the list of forgotten gambling games, as only traditional people play it during holidays, and even they might not play it by the old rules.

But once more, the internet is here to save the day. According to the Evolution Games, we have a fully new and fancy rendition of the game. The dealer looks extremely stylish with the cane that draws the objects. Essentially, this is one of the best casino shows to watch if you prefer to play with a live dealer.

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Hnefatafl – List Of Forgotten Gambling Games

Interested in how Vikings used to gamble? Well, it was pretty brutal! Hnefatafl (yeah, that’s a hard one) is a game similar to chess. Played on four sides, the point is to knock out the opponent. However, the Vikings did not only stake money in this game. Tales say that Vikings believed that the gods were guiding humans while playing this game. Thus, whoever won became the King of Vikings, giving the lands to the winner.

Perhaps, high-stake gambling originates from Vikings, because this is one of the only gambling games that has an actual connection to religious beliefs. The game is not as fair as chess, and the core reason why it rotated out of the popular games is probably because the blue side is always winning. And maybe the name is not the best for marketing.

Liar's Dice rules

Liar’s Dice

And of course, on our list of forgotten gambling games, we have to mention how pirates used to gamble. Liar’s Dice is famous for pirate culture, played by sailors and pirates both while they were on the sea. See, ships have taken months to get to their destination, especially for pirates who traded illegal goods and looted trade ships other than having a scheduled plan. The Liar’s Dice is essentially a game where you put a bunch of dice into a tray, often a mug, and then you just shake it.

People may bet on the result, and whoever is closest will win the round. However, people must modify their choice before finalizing it. Therefore, it has a sense of social manipulation in it. You can watch how it works in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If you wish to play digital games like this, register at Ignition Casino.

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