Gambling In Medieval Times – Nobility And Hazard


Posted: February 24, 2023

Updated: February 24, 2023

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We are going to teach you how gambling changed history. Because gambling in medieval times was much different than it is today. Nowadays you don’t need to hold a piece of calcium in your hands while wearing a suffocating mask. However, history is repeating itself. We use Metamask and we use digital cryptocurrency. And always use bones, plastic, and data as tools instead of something less exciting than playing with dice.

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We dedicated this article to talking about how gambling in medieval times worked. Therefore, this can be a great part of historical research. Furthermore, it could give you inspiration for your Dungeons & Dragons 5E gambling games. In conclusion, this article will introduce you to an era where the world made no sense. But it was also much more exciting. Therefore, you should register at the online gambling sites in Germany to be able to find websites that support slots to resemble ancient times.

Keep in mind that there were more societies during the medieval times than just the German and Norway areas. Because we also had a whole society of Egypt blooming next to the Chinese Dynasties and much more. Nonetheless, we are going to introduce everything you need to know.

Sticks And Stones – Bones And Dice

Let’s start with the tools of gambling in medieval times. Therefore, it was one of the most popular decisions to play with bones and dice. People drew tables into the sand, and most of the time they just used the cold surface of the ground or a table to toss the dice on. However, the dice were not manufactured like they are today. According to Las Golondrinas, they were made out of the ankle bones of animals.

Gambling in medieval times
Picture Source: Flickr

However, it wasn’t too rare to see bones made out of human bones either. But you should keep in mind that humans have never tried to be edgy during gambling. Cheating and fights were more common than flashing human skull dice and mugs. Therefore, the Pirates of the Caribbean probably lied to you. We can be thankful that nowadays we just have to register at King Billy Casino without holding animal bones.

Privileged Gambling In Medieval Times

There are more things to be thankful for. For example, if you are not a superstar, you can still gamble. Back then, poor people had no chance to try to play because of cash. Because losing often leads to ultimate devastation. According to Brewminate, gambling was a sport of the rich and privileged. This is why we have another article about the nobles who loved gambling. Because these people were not playing around.

They could wager the wealth of whole countries just to have a little fun. This is one of the main reasons why people tend to resent neo-conservatism. Because no one wants Antionette to gamble your investments away. Even if someone loves royal families, we must encourage the safety of an individual. This era was a perfect example of a dysfunctional economy.

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Societies And Aristocrats

But our rant about the aristocrats is not over just yet. Because we had a lot of bad things to tell about them previously. Now, let us show you what it looks like when nobles are responsible. Because the gambling houses in Venice invented the first casinos. Back then, people walked to the Ridotto in masks. Which meant that these nobles were able to talk and play without political consequences. Therefore, these nobles were smarter than those who hosted week-long gambling parties.

Nonetheless, these noble societies invented roulette and they also played exciting card games against each other. Because if you were a noble back then, all you had to do is to wear a mask. Funnily enough, people kind of do this online. Because some gamblers use Metamask and Cryptocurrency so the banks can’t track their transactions Therefore, they are reinventing gambling in medieval times.

Win The World With Luck

This is going to sound goofy. But gambling in Medieval times won you more than what you can win today. If I won billions right now, probably I’d buy out Twitter and Tesla. However, people were able to win Kingdoms. The main reason behind this is religiousness and the sacred nature of randomness and gambling games. Therefore, honor played a huge role in how Vikings used to gamble.

Gambling in medieval times
Picture Source: Lickr

And to not slaughter each other, sometimes Viking kings decided to play gambling games to give the kingdom to each other. Maybe they fought shortly after, but the procedure for the sacred game was there. Nonetheless, if you gambled in the medieval era, you could have won your kingdom or at least a noble title with some luck.

Famous Gambling In Medieval Times

If you wonder what people played back in the medieval era. No, they did not use crystals and magical dice. Instead, they had their outdated games. Sometimes they were a little unfair. However, back then no one was able to prove that these systems are not perfectly random. However, some of them are still random and can be viewed as extremely fair.

For example, you can see Backgammon among the live casino shows. Furthermore, we had games such as Hazard, which gave the European name “Hazard games”. According to Tertulia, they also played Senet which was an Egyptian game. In conclusion, the following games were popular during this era:

  • Glückhause
  • Hazard
  • Senet
  • Backgammon 

How To Gamble Like This Today?

Finally, we have reached the end of our historical summary. Therefore, if you are in the mood for some gambling. We highly recommend you register at King Billy Casino. Because you will be able to receive noble titles and extremely valuable bonuses for playing.

Therefore, you will be a part of their VIP program without doing anything other than just paying and playing. In conclusion, King Billy is our top recommendation for those who love medieval times, aristocracy, and of course the most modern and trustworthy gambling games out there.

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