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Posted: January 27, 2023

Updated: January 27, 2023

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Valentine’s Day is coming closer and closer. However, if your partner enjoys gambling, then it is never too early to start preparing for inspiration. In this article, we are going to give you the best gambling love stories. Therefore, these stories will inspire you to get into the romantic mood for Valentine’s. Furthermore, if you are just a fan of good reads or movies including pink or steamy clouds, then this list is a must for you. Keep in mind that these stories are not new. However, they vary in style and philosophy.

Therefore, we have serious philosophical autobiographical takes such as the Gambler Wife of Dostoevsky. But you will also find the most cloudy fantasy stories brought to you by Rachel Ann Smith. In conclusion, you will find everything here from ghosts to charming princes. Register at online gambling sites in the US to play romantic slots. 

The Gambler Wife – Gambling Love Stories

Let’s start with our top recommendations when it comes to books on gambling and romance. Therefore, we have The Gambler Wife. Before we introduce you to this book, let us give you an explanation. Dostoevsky is a famous Russian writer, whose subtle autobiographical masterpiece is called “The Gambler”. In this story, he tells how he perceives the world as a dark and hedonistic mess. However, The Gambler Wife is about his wife, who saved him from all of this. 

Gambling love stories
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Therefore, it seeks to give highlight the real hero of the story. Because she has changed his life for the better. According to Goodreads, the story takes place in 1866. Therefore, Anna Snitkina applied for a job with the writer she idolized. Namely, Dostoevsky who later became her husband. Because she found him broken, unhappy, and tormented. This leads to history’s greatest literary marriage.

The Ghost Of Charlie

We mentioned the Ghost of Charlie in our other article; mysterious gambling cases. Therefore, this is also one of the best gambling love stories. However, there is more to this than just a spooky ghost side. Because the story talks about how love persists even after death. Therefore, a woman is heartbroken after the death of her husband. However, she has to pay $2000 for her gambling bills.

In conclusion, she decides to visit one of the most prestigious casinos in Las Vegas. The same casino that her husband frequented before his death. While playing at the tables, she suddenly saw the ghost of her past beloved. His love was strong enough to help her cheat the table. However, she did not wish to cheat on another person. In conclusion, the ghost of her husband has helped her cheat casino games for two. Register at Andromeda Casino to play romantic slots.

007 Is Not Her Phone Number

Valentine’s Day is not the only relevant topic when it comes to gambling love stories. Because we are still trying to find out who will be the next James Bond. Because the former actor has retired from the role. #

Therefore, we have James Bond as another story on this list. Everyone knows that this man is a gambling enthusiast who also works for the government. Therefore, this gentleman has stolen the heart of many women.

We know that he is something like a playboy. Because women keep on staying on his waiting list. However, there is one exception. According to Time, there is one true love of James Bond. In the 1969 film, he meets Teresa Di Vicenzo, and he prevents her from taking her own life. After the movie, they will marry and drive away in the sunset.

The Winner Takes It All In Gambling Love Stories

The winner takes it all is another movie on the list. In conclusion, this story is about two people in love. They used to be childhood friends, however, they had a falling out. After many years, they meet each other in the world of high stake gambling. The story shows the conflict between romance and the desire to win. Will the lovers manage to win each other?

Or would they prefer to get wealth and live a carefree life? Beyond philosophical questions, there is a cute story of two people in love with each other. If you are interested in such, please check out the romantic casino slots to play this Valentine’s day.

Lady Luck (1946)

Lady Luck is one of the vintage movies from 1946. Furthermore, they involve the best gambling love stories of all time. The main character is Mary Audrey who hates gambling.

However, her grandfather who she just refers to as gramps is huge on gambling. He ends up playing against a gambler called Larry. However, Larry falls in love with Mary and quickly marries her. Therefore, he is not revealing his profession to her, just when they reach Las Vegas.

In Vegas, Mary finds out about his profession and arranges a quick marriage. In conclusion, she starts enjoying gambling when she wins all of Larry’s money away. At the end of the story, Gramps loses Larry so he can win his money back. Furthermore, he finally wins the heart and respect of Mary. If you love such gambling stories, check out how to bet on ‘You’ Season 4.

Rachel Ann Smith – Queen Of Gambling Love Stories

In conclusion, we have one last thing to recommend from the gambling love stories. Therefore, we are not talking about a single book this time. Instead, we would like to recommend an author. Because Rachel Ann Smith is known as the queen of gambling love stories. She is a master of steamy novels revolving around noble families. Therefore, her books mostly involve wealth, royalty, gambling, and many other luxurious elements.

Therefore, her books are the epitome of romance novels. According to Amazon, she has 33 titles. Her most popular titles are; ‘Dukes & Diamonds’ and ‘Gambling On A Gentleman’. However, you can also participate in one of the best gambling experiences. All you need to do is to register at Andromeda Casino to take a break from the vast heroine stories of Ann Smith.

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