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Posted: January 27, 2023

Updated: January 27, 2023

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We are dedicating this article to introduce you to our top picks in books for gamblers in 2023. Starting from the absolute best to the slightly less amazing. Therefore, we are going to give you the best reads for this year. You shouldn’t miss out on reading all of these books. Because if you are a gambler, you will receive all high quality values you need. However, if you are inspired to play some gambling.

Then please register at any of the online gambling sites in the US. Because you will find a realistic experience at these online operators. Therefore, you will not be caught up in a murder mystery or a great adventure. Leave those for the fictional stories. However, we have collected not only fiction for you. Therefore, we will show you one book from manga, fantasy, guide, and even true stories.

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Kaiji: Gambling Apocalypse – Manga Books For Gamblers In 2023

Let’s start off the list for the greatest books for gamblers in 2023 with a Japanese manga. Therefore, manga and anime became more popular than they used to be. As a result of this, we have the popularization of this genre all over the world. And even if you are not a fan of manga and anime. There are some masterpieces you probably acknowledge as an individual piece of genius writing.

Therefore, you probably know that we are talking about Death Note. Kaiji – Gambling Apocalypse is a story similar to Death Note. However, many prestigious resources gave them a 10/10. According to Hollywood Reporter, the cast of the original Death Note movie (not the Netflix one) have gathered together to have a play at Kaiji. Therefore, in this story the main character is discovering a game of minds while playing a series of gambling against mobsters.

How To Make $100,000 A Year Gambling For A Living

We know, we know. This is not a new release. However, we still recommend this book for everyone who intends on making a living out of gambling.

books for gamblers in 2023
Picture Source: Flickr

Because the idea of turning into a professional poker player or sportsbook bettor became rather popular. Therefore, this is still among the best books for gamblers in 2023 by David Sklansky. 

No wonder why. Because nowadays all you have to do is to stay at home and register at Bovada. Therefore, if you are talented? You will definitely make some good cash. However, you should always stay gambling aware. Therefore, this is an entry book for those who are interested in living the life of a full-time gambler. If you are interested in more iconic and older books. Then check out the best gambling books in 2022.

Magic Still Exists – Books For Gamblers In 2023 

This is yet another guide book for you. However, this brand new release is going to give you a system that can break sportsbook betting. Therefore, we recommend this book for everyone who plays sportsbooks online. In conclusion, Eric Patrick Shriey has created a modern system that solves sports betting. We recommend you to read this book if you are new to stportsbook betting. Because this way you will avoid the mistakes everyone have stepped into.

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Because if you are new, then you will start with a significant advantage compared to others. Therefore, you can bet on book awards such as the Finlandia Literature Prize predictions. And you should take advantage of systems such as this. Because if you can predict sports events with unpredictable odds. Then why couldn’t you predict the best book by a country? However, with this book you can learn the magic of sportsbook betting. This book gives you a system created by combining two successful systems.

Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told

Mark Paul has brought us one of the best books for gamblers in 2023. Therefore, the book is called; The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told: A True Tale of Three Gamblers. In this story, you will see three gamblers embarking on an adventure in the world of gambling. However, this story is nonfiction.

The gamblers have placed a bet against a drug cartel. Therefore, they have to figure out how to claim their money without getting killed. We highly recommend you to read this breathtaking and exciting story. However, if you don’t feel like reading, check out Gambling on Netflix in 2023. In conclusion, this is a true adventure through the U.S-Mexico border against mafiosos and the border patrol.

The Athletic 2023 Fantasy Football Guide – Books For Gamblers In 2023

We don’t have to write too much to explain the intention of this book. Because the name explains everything. The Athletic is an enthusiastic sports magazine that keeps reporting on sport events. Therefore, they have written a Fantasy Football guide. The release of this book is 2023. Fantasy Football enthusiasts and professional players gathered together to create the best guide ever. Therefore, reading this book will give you valuable information.

books for gamblers in 2023
Picture Source: Pixabay

If you find yourself among the worst DFS players, then we recommend you read this book. According to The Athletic, the company was funded by the same people who created Strava, a fitness application. Therefore, this book is a work of true sports and fitness enthusiasts.

The Princess, The Dragon and The Wood Chipper

Among the best books for gamblers in 2023, we recommend this absurd yet amazing and easy read for you. Therefore, this is not one of the most famous books. Yet, this is an excellent take on new world fantasy writing. According to Amazon, this is a lightweight read aimed for easy consumption. It seeks to bring you well known fantasy stories in a world that requires no explanation. Heavily focused on the characters.Written by David Cliutman, the book features Princess Isabella living atop a grand tower.

Setting out on a journey with her prince, the couple has to defeat bureaucracy by winning a high-stakes poker tournament. In the meantime, they will meet all enemies a fantasy group can meet. If you want to make your own gambling adventure. We recommend you to register at Bovada. Because they will give you poker, sports and casino games all together.

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