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Posted: November 23, 2022

Updated: November 23, 2022

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We dedicated this article to the Finlandia Literature Prize predictions. Therefore, we will introduce you to the best books this year. Written by Finland for the people of Finland. This is why you should go right away and register at any of the online gambling sites in Finland. Because most of them have odds available for this prize. However, if you can not pick, then we are going to recommend you the best. We are going to present you with the available odds and give you our opinion about the winner.

We know that bookies are not always correct about their lowest odd decisions. However, we are going to tell you which book is worth your bet. Furthermore, we will discover the concept of this award together. This year, there is an obvious theme going on for both fiction and nonfiction. This theme is the importance of our planet and the waste produced by consumer society.

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About The Awards – Finlandia Literature Prize Predictions

Before we would jump right into the odds and our Finlandia Literature Prize predictions. First, we have to discuss the point of this whole award. Because many people are unfamiliar with the concept of awards. These events are not competitions like the XFactor. For those, please read about the Olympics Art Competitions. Therefore, the books that will not win the award, are still one of the most beautiful pieces of art made this year.

Because getting nominated alone is a huge achievement. Therefore, we are going to have some perspective on both of the categories. There are two main categories: Fiction and Nonfiction. Before betting, you should examine the content or the summary of the books. Keep these values in mind:

  • It has to perfectly replicate humans, our world, or our history. Because to win this price, one needs to give meaning.
  • These books have to give an answer or an idea about a relevant problem of humankind. Alternatively, it has to give a perspective or narrative to them.

The Available Odds For Fiction

Every year, you can bet on the International Booker Prize Winner. As the writer of this article, I have a great amount of experience in following literature and music awards. Therefore, I am confident in one statement. The Finlandia Literature prize predictions will be affected by the importance of our planet in these writings.

Finlandia Literature Prize Predictions
Picture Source: Pixabay

Because even if someone suddenly writes Witcher-level fiction. They are not going to receive huge political attention without placing their book in a world that is dying due to society. All of these books include this information but not on an equal level. The odds are the following:

  • Iida Rauma (Hävitys) 1/2
  • Olli Jalonen (Stalker-vuodet) 7/4
  • Marja Kyllönen (Vainajaiset) 5/2
  • Heikki Kännö (Ihmishämärä) 13/2
  • Sami Tissari (Krysa) 13/2
  • Eeva Turunen (Sivistynyt ja miellyttävä ihminen) 9/1

Finlandia Literature Prize Predictions On Fictions

We already said it but we say it again. This year the ongoing theme is destruction and the hollowness that comes with it. Furthermore, the questions and answers about how to overcome these issues. This is why the most likely winner is Hävitys from Iida Rauma. The book is titled: “Destruction”. According to Siltala Publishing, it is about the interpretation of the ecological crisis.

Finlandia Literature Prize Predictions
Picture Source: Pixabay

Furthermore, it discovers the psychology of humankind. And the way humans try to erase and destroy trauma and failure.

The contestants of these books are the following: Psychology of humankind throughout the investigation. However, there is a book about the hollow possibilities due to infertility. And another important topic: The differences between generations. We believe that all of these books are gems on their own. Our Finlandia Literature prize predictions state:

  • Iida Rauma – Havatys will win
  • Alternative: Ihmis Hämärä, the book about the old gods after humans.

For The Finlandia Non-Fictions

As much as we all love a good book of fiction. I understand how frustrating it is to try and figure out which masterpiece will win an award. Therefore, let us wind down and take the easier pill to swallow. Because there are many non-fiction books on the list of Finlandia Literature Prize predictions. Let’s check out what Unibet Sportsbook has for us about the odds. According to Goodreads, the second most on the list is about our economy and the way we ignore our dying planet.

  • Anu Kantola & työryhmä (Kahdeksan kuplan Suomi. Yhteiskunnan muutosten syvät tarinat) – 5/4
  • Maria Katajavuori (Valas lasimalja ssamme. Miten vangitsemme ympäristötuhon ansaan) – 2/1
  • Timo R. Stewart (Luvatun maan lumo. Israelin kristityt ystävät Suomessa) – 5/2
  • Hannu Salmi: (Tunteiden palo. Turku Liekeissä 1827) – 5/1
  • Ville-Juhani Sutinen (Vaivan arvoista. Esseitä poikkeus kirjallisuudesta) – 5/1
  • Annika Luther (Rågen. En spretig historia) – 8/1

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Non-Fiction – Finlandia Literature Prize Predictions

Sorry for our English readers, however, the titles of these books are unlike the mysterious fiction. Therefore, we have all of our books named long and solid, on-nose. One of these is the first option, the “Eight Bubbles of Finland ”. According to Gaudeamus, this masterpiece of a book is about the cycle and bubbles formed by society. There are just so many territories Finlandian people can venture into. Are these bubbles interacting? If we learn how to gravitate these bubbles closer and closer, they will eventually merge. But do they want to remain one before they would pop out of the needle of ignorance? This philosophy is being combated by the book that traces the psychology of humankind throughout our ignorance of environmental destruction. Our Finlandia Literature Prize predictions state the obvious:

  •  Maria Katajavuori’s book will win


Let’s conclude our Finlandia Literature prize predictions. Therefore, we are confident in stating that these books all have their own, unique take on our world. Furthermore, this award is rather patriotic, which focuses on Finland mainly. This is why we believe that the answer for this year’s award relies on statistics. The more people are affected by the problem these books represent, the more likely the writer will win.

However, we are only talking about the bubble of Finland, not the rest of the world. Therefore, we recommend you register at Unibet Sportsbook. Because they are available in both Finland and almost anywhere else. And if you are a gambler who is also an avid reader. Then please check out our other article about the best gambling books in 2022. Trust me, you are not going to regret reading these. Our editorial must-read pick is Iida Rauma – Hävitys.

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