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Posted: January 24, 2023

Updated: January 24, 2023

  • “You” S4 will come in two parts to Netflix
  • Netflix’s You Predictions 2023
  • How to bet on You Season 4

In this article, we are going to tell you how to bet on You Season 4. Therefore, Netflix returns with everyone’s favorite psychopath-murder-romance drama series. You can already register at online gambling sites in the US to place a bet on the show. However, we recommend you do not hesitate if you are interested. Because the series is going to release Season 4 this month. However, the season will consist of two parts.

Therefore, the first part will hint after part two. In conclusion, this is going to change the value of the odds. Therefore, we can only suggest that you bet right away. This is one of the best shows on Netflix. And we recommend the show to you even if you watch it from the first season. Because it is incredibly good. However, we will also report on the problems of the fans.

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How To Bet On You Season 4

Before we begin to discuss the topic, first we would like to recommend you a betting site. Because the odds featured in this article are their courtesy. Therefore, if you are interested in betting on “You” season 4. Then please register at Bovada Sportsbook. Because Bovada is going to feature more betting lines on this show. Furthermore, they always release TV bets and entertainment odds on Netflix and Disney + shows.

In conclusion, this website will not only offer you betting at the box office. But you will also get to bet on the events happening in the shows. Therefore, this is the best betting site for those who enjoy watching movies and series. However, Bovada also hosts political bets, esports, and of course sports events.

Introducing “You” On Netflix

Now that you understand how to bet on You season 4. Let us introduce you to the show if you are new. Because in this serial killer drama series, the relationships are wilder than the relationship between casinos and pop culture. Therefore, the main character is Joe Goldberg. A handsome man who loves to read books. However, every time he sees a pretty woman, he can not help but become obsessive over romantic relationships.

Yet, as a conclusion to his traumas, he tends to lock up people in rooms. Eventually, he digs a hole that inevitably leads to him having to murder people. Including those he loves. Each season seeks to bring freshness by showing you a new culture, as he fled to a different country. According to EW, the new season will bring us to the elite of London.

The Available Odds

To understand how to bet on You Season 4, first, you have to understand the odds. You have to understand that the show has been running for three successful seasons so far. Therefore, every season had the same theme in a different culture. We had character development, yet it seems Joe’s character is falling back into the same dilemma.

And fans are already getting bored with him. However, they do not want the series to be over. They just want a new main character or a different character’s perspective. Therefore, the bookies of Bovada Sportsbook have decided to make a bet about the most questionable prospect of the show: Will Joe Goldberg finally die in Season 4? The odds are the following:

Will Joe Goldberg Die In Season 4 Of You

  • Yes – 4.25
  • No – 1.182

People Wants Love – How To Bet On You Season 4

According to Reddit, there is an absurd amount of love for the character named “Love” from Season 3. No wonder why, because her character had one of the most thrilling twists in the whole show. However, without offering you too many spoilers, we would like to explain that she is no longer supposed to be a part of the story. Unless the show decides to pick up on the old themes. Who knows?

Because we highly suspect that she will return either as a memory or as an actual character. However, we also think that after this season, we will see the story from either “Love”’s perspective or the perspective of all of Joe’s exes. According to The News, the trailer has confirmed that the actress of Love is going to return. In conclusion; people want Love more than they want Joe. 

Our Predictions

Now that we have talked about the show and the story without spoilers. We are going to give you our opinion and explanation. If you are interested in something more simple, please check out the best romantic casino slot. But now we will teach you how to bet on You in season 4 logically: Because we recommend you to bet on Joe Goldberg to die in Season 4.

Our theory and prediction about the show and the series is the following; Joe Goldberg will be killed at the end of the season, and we will be left with a cliffhanger. However, they will feature a new series (probably called “Us” or “Me” or a new season of You). Therefore, we believe Season 5 is going to bring a new character. Alternatively, it might show every of Joe’s exes persepctive.

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How To Bet On You Season 4

We told you everything and even more about how to bet on You in season 4. Therefore, if you are interested in more stuff about Netflix, we recommend you to check out our other article; Gambling on Netflix in 2023. Nonetheless, the quickest way to place a bet is to take the following steps;

  • Register at Bovada Sportsbook
  • Confirm your registration and head to the main page
  • Expand the top panel, because it will reveal the categories
  • Either navigate to the entertainment section or use the search bar and type “You”.
  • Once you find the betting market, all you need to do is to click on either “Yes” or “No”
  • Therefore, once you have everything set up, you just have to purchase your betting slip.

Important dates; Season 4 Part 1 arrives on Netflix on February 9, 202. However, Season 4 part 2 will air on March 9, 2023.

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