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Posted: January 25, 2023

Updated: January 25, 2023

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In this article, we are going to present you with our US GDP growth rate predictions. However, keep in mind that we are debating this for entertainment purposes. Because you can bet on the US Real GDP growth rate in 2023 at the online gambling sites in the US. Therefore, we are here to help you research the predictions and the probable outcomes. Because we already know which is the safest betting pick. However, we are dangerously close to either of the two most likely outcomes.

Because professionals all predict roughly a 1,9% growth rate for 2023. Therefore, it is a risky bet to place on 2% or 1%. Because only 0.1% will keep us away from seeing the situation in the clear. Therefore, this is the rare occasion when 0,1% of data truly contributes to the outcome of your bet.

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Introduction – US GDP Growth Rate Predictions

Before we would start to talk about the topic. First, we would like to introduce you to the concept of GDP. Because it is important to understand the definition before betting on it. In conclusion, real GDP is the monetary or market value of all finished products within a country’s border in a set timeframe. Therefore, this is the main measure of market value when it comes to politics. Therefore, when we talk about the GDP question such as; Is the Olympics a waste of money? 

Might come to the surface. Because the GDP of a country indicates the cash they can spend and invest. However, since the Olympics is not an investment, it has been proven to eat away at the GDP of countries. According to MacroTrends GDP growth rate has a volatile nature. In one year it can jump by 5%. However, sometimes it is a steady 2% increase.

How To Bet On The GDP Online?

Before we proceed to discuss the US GDP growth rate predictions. First, let us brief you on the procedure of online betting. Because this article will put sportsbook betting as a highlight. Therefore, all you have to do is to register at Bovada Sportsbook.

US GDP growth rate predictions
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Because the odds in this article are the courtesy of Bovada. Furthermore, once your registration is complete, you should navigate to the front page.

Claim your promotions and bonuses if you feel like it. However, once you are ready to place the bet, you need to expand the top menu. There, you will be able to find special betting lines. Furthermore, you can use the search bar and type the keyword “GDP”. In conclusion, you are going to find the prop. All you have to do is to click on it, then on the new page click on the odds. Finally, you can purchase your slip.

The Available Odds

The United States seemed to be one of the top GDP countries in 2021. In hindsight, we all know that 2022 was the year of true growth. However, when we talk about GDP, you should know that inflation means negative real GDP. Therefore, our US GDP growth rate predictions will seek to establish an image of Q4. You should know that one year consists of 4 quarters. Therefore, we measure GDP in 4 sections; Q1, 2, 3, and 4. However, this betting prop seems to be interested in the conclusion of the whole year, not the quarters.

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US Real GDP Growth Rate 2023

  • Negative Growth – 3.00
  • 0.01 – 1% – 3.00
  • 1.01 – 2% – 4.00
  • 2.01 – 3% – 9.00
  • 3.01 – 4% – 11.00
  • Over 4% – 7.00

US GDP Growth Rate Predictions

According to the Conference, we can see the available change for each of the three quarters. This goes as follows from Q1 to Q4;

  • – 0.6 (Q1)
  • – 1.7 (Q2)
  • – 0.5 (Q3)
  • + 1.1 (Q4)

Therefore, you can see that we believe in the first quarter of 2023, we are going to see a -0.6% decline. However, this is going to jump up and down, finishing the year with a positive 1.1%. Therefore, we have roughly 1.9% US REAL GDP change. If you feel like the market is going to bounce that 0,1% by the end of 2023.

US GDP growth rate predictions
Picture Source: Public Domain Pictures

Then we recommend you bet on 2% (1.01) with 4.00 odds. However, if you feel like the inflation is going to persist, then placing a bet on the 1% with 3.00 odds is the best decision here. Our pick is flat at 2%.

Why Isn’t It Negative?

Now that you know our US GDP growth rate predictions, let us explain why the numbers are not negative. Because right now an active recession and inflation are going on. However, the economy works in many different ways. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the second quarter of 2022 had a 0.6% increase.

However, the third quarter pushed this up to 3.2%. Therefore, everyone believes that the market will portray the same behavior this year too. In conclusion, the country will start to produce in Q3. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect 2023 to end with a negative GDP. Unless something extreme happens which humankind were not expecting at all.

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Conclusion – US GDP Growth Rate Predictions

As a conclusion to our US GDP growth rate predictions. We are going to give you a quick summary. Therefore, you should grab your best gambling budget apps and prepare for 2023. You can bet on the change in the US Real GDP by registering at Bovada Sportsbook. All professionals say that the GDP is going to reach 1.9% in 2023.

However, our personal opinion is that the US market is going to make that 0,1% percent push and we will end up with 2%. Therefore, we believe that there is going to be an unexpected 0,1% increase. However, professionals should be trusted more than us. Yet, if you take the risk and we were right? You will win twice as much as you would with the 1% pick.

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