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Best Gambling Budget Apps

We collected the best gambling budget apps for you to use if you are in the need of a budget. These applications are available in both IOS and Android, and you can pick the one that is fitting for you the most. Because these apps are all created for different types of people, such as couples, investors, college students, or stock traders. Therefore, there is an app for every type of person.

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If you are a fan of online gambling and placing sportsbook bets, then you probably know how easy it is to go over the limit sometimes. However, there are mobile apps that can make it much easier for you to manage your funds. Because these apps are safe and dedicated to analyzing your income and spending. Therefore, with these apps, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on gambling. These applications will calculate your available pocket money for you. Therefore, we collected the best gambling budget apps for you to use when you are managing a complex household. Some of them even let you create a category for the online gambling sites in Germany so you can set a weekly or monthly budget limit for yourself. Before proceeding, you should probably read more about the Android and IOS gambling differences.

Best Gambling Budget Apps

The attributes and features of the best gambling budget apps depend on the person. Because you may have trouble balancing the shared funds with your partner in your new household. Or you might have problems with calculating the money you have to spend monthly. Therefore, these applications are going to make your life much easier. They are all coming with different features and they have different audiences. This top list is going to help you find the app that best suits your budget as a gambler. Furthermore, these applications are supporting gambling awareness, and they make it easier for you to spend money without thinking about whether you should spend it or not. Because you can use these apps together with the best apps for mobile gambling in 2020. Therefore, these apps will make your life super easy.

Best Gambling Budget Apps
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6. Honeydue – Best gambling budget app for couples

According to CNBC, Honeydue is one of the best gambling budget apps for fresh couples. If you have a new household with your partner, and you are looking for a way to monitor each other’s income and spending then Honeydue is the best. With this app, you can avoid uncomfortable financial arguments and conversations. Because it is showing the budget available for both people in the household. Therefore, if you or your partner loves gambling, then Honeydue is the best app to see if they can afford to visit the local casino. Furthermore, it also helps you filter out the best retail and remote casinos. For some people, this app might be a little invasive, however, it supports the healthy financial aspect of a relationship or shared household. Therefore, Honeydue is the top recommendation for you and your partner if you still have to adjust your shared finances.

5. Good Budget

Good Budget is an application that supports the life of college students or debt management. Therefore, if you love to gamble or place bets online, but you have mandatory finances to pay. Then Good Budget is going to help you keep your finances away from your official finances. Therefore, this application is going to help you manage your money with the famous 50/30/20 system. There are more systems to try out but this is one of the most popular financial systems. The point is that if you are going to pay your taxes, then you will spend 50% of your income on necessities, at least 20% on debt payments, with 30% on personal interest. This way you can live a comfortable life, and you will always have 30% to spend on anything, even gambling. It is one of the best gambling budget apps for college students.

4. Wally – Best Gambling Budget Apps

Wally is generally a recommended budget app for everyone to have. Because if you are living in the United States, then Wally is going to help you with nearly every aspect of your life. Therefore, this is one of the best gambling budget apps. It is going to analyze your bank account, which you can link together with your profile. It is going to give you a full analysis of your spending, and it will help you understand how to make your spending decisions valuable. Because if you are using Wally, you can make sure that none of your small spendings is going to put you beneath our ideal income. Therefore, Wally is one of the best budgeting apps for those who just want to see statistics.

3. Personal Capital

According to Digital Trends, Personal Capital is one of the best gambling budget apps for people who want to build wealth. Therefore, if you are managing your own business, or you just want to collect savings, then Personal Capital is your best tool. You can link your tax check to it, and set up a program that automatically pays for your necessary spendings such as taxes or debt. Furthermore, you can use this app to invest in stocks, and Personal Capital is considered to be more than just a simple budget app. The category of Digital Trends is called a Robo advisor, which is a modern A.I. implemented into the application that gives you financial advice. These are personalized pieces of advice, therefore they are not just throwing around random suggestions and trends your way. Therefore, Personal Capital is highly recommended for investors.

2. Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard is one of the best gambling budget apps for overspenders. If you have a bad tendency to go over your limit and make regretful transactions. Then Pocket Guard is going to be the best companion for you. It is rewarding underspending, and alarms overspending. You can create categories in this application. For example, you can make a category called “Gambling” and you can calculate how much you would like to spend on gambling monthly. If you are going over your preferred limit, the app is going to alarm you about it. Therefore, with this, you can easily know when to stop for the month. The same applies to other fields of life, like ordering food, going to the movies, or buying video games. Furthermore, you can even make categories for buying gas for your car and such.

1. YNAB – Best Gambling Budget Apps

According to Kiplinger, YNAB is one of the best gambling budget apps to existing. Furthermore, it has almost every feature other budgeting apps have. Because you can freely assign everything in this application, and set a plan for every dollar you have and will have. Therefore, YNAB is a top recommendation for almost everyone. YNAB is short for “You Need A Budget”. So if you need a budget, then YNAB is recommended for gamblers and sportsbook bettors. You can connect all paid services to this application to get rid of payment cycles and subscriptions if they are not serving you anymore. This way you can decrease the amount of money you spend for basically nothing.

Best Gambling Site

If you have found the most fitting for you among the best gambling budget apps, then you should try to play at BitStarz Casino, and see how the app is going to manage your funds. BitStarz Casino is a modern gambling service where you can pay and cash out with cryptocurrency. They have great offers, such as winning a Tesla or participating in casino tournaments. Furthermore, these apps are a part of the everyday life of most citizens in the US. Because mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. If you are interested in mobile gaming, then check out our Mobile esports betting guide.

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