Bet on the 2018 Ivor Awards: Best Album Award Betting Bible

bet on the 2018 Ivor awards.

The Ivor Novello awards are amongst the most prestigious in the UK. The best album award is one of musical respect and the candidates are at the top of their game. Here is the essential guide for the best album award when one places a bet on the 2018 Ivor awards.

Sleepless nights, tears, and passion all skim the surface of what goes into making a good album but to win an Ivor for the work, one needs to be willing to bury a piece of themselves into the project.

This Is The Kit – Moonshine freeze (3.24)

The band resembles Capercaillie or an early Fairport Convention with more bluely grit. Front woman Kate Stables takes you on a musical journey from tenderness to raw drive then back to a calm mystic. Moonshine Freeze may not be ground breaking, but it is elegant, subtle and powerful. What may hold them back from taking the award could be the albums lack of diversity. Like First Aid Kit or Rob Stewart, This Is The Kit have found a unique sound to revel in, but when comparing it against the likes of Gang Signs & Prayer, it may lack the variation the best album award demands.

Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer (1.665)

Gang Signs & Prayer is a master class in how to structure an album. It takes the listener through his top ten chart tracks, calming moments, reflections, songs with depth and songs that make you feel that addictive grit of grime. He talks of his life back before the fame: the realities and fragility of where he came. He raps of those close to him, even featuring a phone call from Crazy Tich, a jailed friend. Gang Signs & Prayer is an album of intimacy, diversity on all counts and, according to online sportsbook news site in the UK, a safe bet for the Ivor Novello awards.

Everything Everything – A Fever Dream (4.5)

The band have, in total been nominated for five Ivor Novello awards, however, are yet to ever receive one. Could this be their year? Everything Everything are back again with another album of hyper-electronic proportions, however, when compared to their first album, have they actually improved musically or is it more of the same with bigger synth? Online sportsbook sites in the UK say so, criticising the band for a lack of progression over their career. The album is good but the best? Perhaps the Manchurian quartet will have a better chance for the award next year.

Bet on the 2018 Ivor Awards: Best Album Betting Odds

There is only one real gamble to make when it comes to the best album betting odds. Stormzy is currently the artist to watch in the British music scene. Gang Signs & Prayer is testament to what sets him apart from his contemporaries. 1xBET Sportsbook are offering odds at 1.665, generous odds for an almost certain return with a bet on the 2018 Ivor awards.

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