2018 LEN Champions League Odds: A Prediction of the Final Eight

2018 LEN Champions League odds

Final Eight is the last LEN Champions League competition of the 2017-2018 season. A little sneak peak at the 2018 LEN Champions League betting odds tell us that Greek, Italian and Hungarian teams are most likely advancing from the quarterfinals!

Since the start of September 2017, 16 clubs from different countries have been competing to be the 2018 LEN Champion. As we near the end, the Final Eight will decide the winner during a three-day competition from June 7 to 9. According to online gambling news in Italy, all of the water polo matches are to be held in Piscine Sciorba in Genoa, Italy. If you’re looking to bet on 2018 LEN Champions League, take a look at the odds for Final Eight’s quarterfinal round below:

A Sure Winning Combination

There are two matches with clear winners: Olympiakos Piraeus v Spandau 04 and Pro Recco v AN Brescia. As we have mentioned earlier, the Greek and Italian teams will win without a doubt. Online gambling sites in Italy predict 2018 LEN Champions League odds which are skewed towards Olympiakos Piraeus (1.082) and Pro Recco (1.166) in the upcoming quarterfinals.

LEN Champions League Odds

Spandau 04 (9.96) and AN Brescia (6.83) simply stand no chance against the biggies! Those two are ranked first in their respective groups of the preliminary round. To make them even more intimidating, Pro Recco has won the most LEN Champions League, a total of 8 occasions!

Exciting Hungarian Matches to Come

According to online sportsbooks in Italy, the matches featuring Hungarian clubs in the Final Eight will keep you on the edge of your seats. The 2018 LEN Champions League odds reveal close odds in the Szolnoki VSC v Jug Dubrovnik and ZF Eger v CN Atletic-Barceloneta matches.

Nevertheless, the Hungarian Szolnoki VSC (2.13) has a slightly better chance of winning than Jug Dubrovnik (2.18) from Yugoslavia. After all, Szolnoki VSC was the 2017 LEN Champion. And guess what? They actually beat Jug Dubrovnik by 10-5 and became the winner!

What about the other Hungarian team meeting the Spaniards? Surprisingly, CN Atletic-Barceloneta (1.94) has better winning odds than ZF Eger (2.37) in the quarterfinals. However, the Hungarian ZF Eger managed to place second in Group B even above Szolnoki VSC. That’s why defeating the Spanish CN Atletic-Barceloneta is not out of reach for them at all.

Bet on 2018 LEN Champions League!

Don’t forget that the quarterfinal round of the Final Eight is on June 7. So head to Vbet Sportsbook to bet on 2018 LEN Champions League before it’s too late! The bookies’ favorite teams to win are definitely Olympiakos Piraeus (1.082) and Pro Recco (1.166). As for the head-to-head competitions, you had better go with the Hungarian clubs, Szolnoki VSC (2.13) and ZF Eger (2.37).

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