The Matthysse vs Pacquiao Betting Odds Might Surprise You

Matthysse vs Pacquiao betting odds

Two knockout artists will clash for the WBA welterweight title on July 15 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Experts disagree on which of them has better chances of emerging victorious. We are among those who believe that the Matthysse vs Pacquiao betting odds do not do justice to the title defender. That, of course, also means that the bout presents a great opportunity for gamblers.

Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao wants to take the championship belt from Argentinian Lucas Matthysse (also known as “La Maquina”). Does he have what it takes to pull that off?

The accuracy of the official Matthysse vs Pacquiao betting odds

Online gambling sites in Argentina suggest that he does. Unibet Sportsbook, for instance, offers a 1.50 return for Pacquiao’s victory and a significantly higher profit for Matthysse: 2.65. A number of commentators agree with that prediction, but a significant portion of the boxing community beg to differ. Case in point: Pacquiao himself thinks that those figures are biased.

As reports, Pac Man admitted that he had taken “a big risk” challenging Matthysse. On another occasion, he explicitly said: “I’m the underdog in this fight.” To be fair, he also stated that he’s used to that role and that it motivates him. Still, his perception of himself as the underdog signals that the bookies’ expectations are to be taken with a grain of salt.

What will decide the fight?

Age is a big factor. Pacquiao is 39 years old, which might not seem significantly more than his opponent’s age, 35, but four years can easily make a difference in professional boxing at their level. It is actually one of the reasons Pacquiao’s former coach Freddie Roach said that the Filipino fighter should have already retired.

The other reason Roach listed is also relevant. Pacquiao started a career in politics and has been struggling with juggling his senatorial obligations and training. Not having enough time to prepare could prove fatal when facing an opponent who won 35 out of his 39 victories by knockout.

Of course, Pacquiao is also known as a knockout specialist and he indeed retains much of his former punching power, but it has been more than eight years ago that he knocked an opponent out. Matthysse clearly has the advantage over him in that area.

Taking all these factors into consideration, we wouldn’t be surprised if one would see headlines about Matthysse’s victory when visiting an online sportsbook news site in Argentina on July 15. Will you be among those who exploit the generous 2.65 betting odds offered by Unibet Sportsbook?

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