Mario Balotelli Next Club Odds Opt for Napoli to Take Him In


Posted: May 31, 2018

Updated: May 31, 2018

Mario Balotelli next club odds are once again hitting the headlines as Nice striker packs up to move away from France this summer. Where will be his new home in the coming weeks?

According to online sportsbook news in France the enigmatic striker, 27, is set to return as a free agent to either Serie A or Premier League. Mario Balotelli next club odds have surfaced again after the player rediscovered his-goal-scoring form with Ligue 1 outfit Nice, netting 43 goals across two campaigns. Although some would argue that the standard of football in the top-tier of France falls too far from Balotelli’s disappointing campaigns with Man City and Liverpool. Is he more likely to move to Italy rather than England?

Premier League Clubs Unexcited about Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is no longer a player with poor form and heavyweight salary as he used to be before. He is now only €10 million worth, according to his agent Mino Raiola. The interested top-clubs in Serie A and Premier League do not need to worry about money, but they have to determine whether the striker has what it needs to pose real threat on a number of top goalkeepers in the world.

Bookmakers have ruled out the possibility for top clubs in Premier League including Arsenal, Man City, Man United and Chelsea to bid for the forward in the coming months. That is quite reasonable after Balotelli’s tedious campaigns with both Liverpool and Man City. If he wants to return to England he will have to go for lower-tier clubs according to Unibet Sportsbook, such as Everton with (7.00) odds, or West Ham with (17.00) odds.

Mario Balotelli Next Club Odds Favor Serie A

The appointment of Roberto Mancini as Azzurri’s head coach signaled a return for Mario Balotelli to the national team. Balotelli nailed down a place following a four-year absence, and scored the opening goal for Italy in a 2-1 victory against Saudi Arabia early this week. This is not only a sign for Balotelli to be back internationally, but it is also a sign for him to winning back the hearts of Italian supporters.

The big question is who will bid first and win Balotelli’s heart in Italy? According to Balotelli, we shall not hope for him to return to Inter or Milan, but he seems very happy to hear from Napoli’s new head coach Carlo Ancelotti, or from Roma after their exciting UCL campaign. At Unibet Sportsbook Mario Balotelli next club odds are (4.00) for the striker to move to the runners-up Napoli, and they are (6.00) for Roma to bring him in. Take your chances and place your bet before Balotelli’s signing is announced.

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