Bet on the 2019 Finnish Parliamentary Election

  • Finns Party lost 20 MPs in 2017, and their anti-immigration campaign is not helping
  • Greens and Centre Party are picking up more support lately
  • NCP are drifting from SDP in the polls
Bet on the Finnish parliamentary elections
Rivalry between the two most popular parties SDP and NCP is heating up

The Finnish Parliamentary election is set to take place on 17 April 2019. We analyze top 5 parties to compete for the most seats. When you bet on the Finnish Parliamentary election, think of bookies’ top two favourites the SDP and the NCP.

Finland has the largest multiparty system in Europe, with 17 parties sitting in the parliament. The incumbent government is formed by three-party coalition including, the National Coalition (NCP), Centre Party, and Blue Reform. Internet sportsbook sites in Finland favour the largest opposition party SDP to win the most seats. However, the rivalry is heating up, and you can still pick the NCP to win when betting on the Finnish parliamentary election.

Which party will win the parliamentary elections in Finland?
# Party Odds
1. SDP 1.2
2. Finns Party 4
3. National Coalition 7
4. Centre Party of Finland 51
5. Green League 101
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SDP Leading in Yle’s Poll

Latest Yle’s Poll conducted in March 2019, shows that the Social Democrats (SDP) would receive 21.3 percent of the total votes. The National Coalition would receive 16.2 percent. The Centre Party of Finland are projected to win 14.1 percent. Green League would score 13.7 percent in the ballot, and the Finns Party are expected to win 13.3 percent of the votes.

Finns Party Lost 20 MPs in 2017

Timo Soini
Timo Soini, co-founder and former leader of the Finns Party.

The popularity of the Finland’s nationalist and Eurosceptic party is expected to crash in comparison to 2011 election, when they won 19.1 percent of the votes. The decline is largely due to the split that happened in 2017 when 20 MPs left the party to form a new group, the Blue Reform.

The nationalist Finns Party is campaigning on anti-immigration rhetoric. Yet this rhetoric seems unsuccessful in Finland compared to other European countries. Probably because parties in the parliament have already found a common ground and there is no polarization among the Finnish people. Therefore, it is better not to choose Finns Party when betting on the Finnish parliamentary election.

Haavisto Became Greens New Leader

Green League have chosen new leader Pekka Haavisto in November 2018, after previous chair stepped down for health reasons. A change in leadership sparked the sharp rise in party support. Online betting sites in Finland expect Greens to exceed their traditional 15 seats in the Parliament. Yet it is too hard to see them becoming suddenly the largest party.

Pekka Haavisto
Pekka Haavisto

Centre Party’s PM Sipila’s Ratings are Improving

Centre Party have been picking up more support lately, due to their leader the Prime Minister Juha Sipila’s improved approval rating. His government succeeded in increasing employment rate to 72.5 percent in last December, according to Helsinki Times. This figure is the highest since 2008. On the other hand, the rate of unemployment fell to 6.6 percent in December. Sipila’s success will help the party a lot in the upcoming election. However, similarly to the Greens the Centre Party are still far from becoming the largest party in the parliament.

Juha Sipila
Juha Sipila

NCP close to win the Most Seats

The National Coalition Party, the largest party in the current government, will fight to stay on top in April election. However, they are sliding down in the polls, but they remain close to win the most seats. If you wish to make a profitable bet, we recommend picking NCP as the winning horse. For all best odds just check our review about 22Bet Sportsbook.

SDP Are Leading the polls

The opposition’s largest party the Social Democrats were polling only 15.6 percent in 2017. Now they are becoming the most popular party in Finland. Some analysts attribute the popularity to the support by the working class. Others suggest the party is picking up voters from the Greens, Left Alliance and the Finns Party. Since SDP are leading the polls and they are the favourites at 22Bet Sportsbook, it is easy to think they are worth betting on.

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