Bet Against Kevin Spacey at Oscars 2018 – Is His Career Over?

Kevin Spacey Oscar MeToo

Kevin Spacey could have been one of the best candidates to win the Oscar gala again this year, but now he seems to be out of the race.

Kevin Spacey was among the biggest favourites to win an Oscar in 2018, according to the Oscar betting predictions made by the best online sportsbook news sites in the US. His performance in his new movie, All the Money in the World, which arrives to US cinemas in 22 December, 2017.

Normally, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see Kevin Spacey winning the Oscar for the Best Leading Actor. He’s done it twice before for his performances in The Usual Suspects in 1995 and then again for American Beauty in 2000. However, now it might not only be about his abilities as an actor…

”Facebook campaign destroys #MeToo”

Poor Spacey is possibly one of the greatest actor of our time but his talent doesn’t save him from his acts. The decline of Kevin Spacey’s career started with the popularity” of the #metoo campaign which was a result of several actresses came out and claimed they had been sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein.

A male actor became one of the most important character when he claimed Kevin Spacey once made an unwanted move on him when he was only a 14-year-old kid. The world-famous actor tried to take the direction into a different path upon claiming he’s sorry if he has ever done anything wrong, but he was drunk then. And he lives his life as a gay man from now on.

US President Frank Underwood Kevin Spacey HoC

However, his tactics didn’t work. The media didn’t stop talking about Kevin Spacey’s sexual harassing cases. In fact, they wrote even more and more about him as more and more young male actors came out and accused Kevin Spacey to have assaulted them.

You better bet against Kevin spacey at the Oscar Gala…

As we all know, the Oscar Gala can pretty much be a popularity reward. However, you can hardly become the most popular person on Earth when you have more than a dozen people accusing you of having committed sexual harassments against them. Especially now that even his own people are turning against him.

Several workers from the House of Cards cast have reported that Kevin Spacey is doing inappropriate things to them during working. He doesn’t keep it a secret, he says humiliating things and strokes their belly and stuff like that in front of everyone. And usually only if they are underneath him in the hierarchy (which is pretty much everyone in Hollywood, right?)

Now under these circumstances, a clever user of the online sportsbook directory will bet against Kevin Spacey at Oscars 2018. The odds for him to win are 40/1 at Betfair Sportsbook. Gary Oldman’s performance in the Darkest Hour seems to be the favourite with its 4/9 odds at the moment. Daniel Day Lewis’s acting in the Phantom Thread is worth 6/1 so far. We’ll see who wins the Oscar trophy…

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