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Following its announcement, the marketing machine was set to maximum capacity, engraving the iPhone X into everyone’s consciousness. The initial hype surrounding the newest Apple gadget was later justified – and continuously fueled – by rave reviews from almost every tech publication that matters. But we all know that the public enjoys the downfall just as much as the construction of an icon. Will Apple’s most expensive gadget make a full-circle, Britney Spears-style? Should you bet on the premature discontinuation of Apple’s most expensive and hyped device?

Updated on 28.03.2018

Sales are down, yet Apple achieved the biggest quarter of its history. According to tech-news, the cost of the iPhone X enabled the company to achieve the record-breaking $20 billion quarterly profit as the high-end smartphone has increased the average selling point. Therefore, the fact that the number of iPhones sold (77,3 million) has decreased by 1% did not affect profits.

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Bet on Apple to Discontinue the iPhone X
Two different approaches

There are two ways to approach the above information. Mashable says that Apple doesn’t “need to sell a higher number of iPhones at lower prices in order to continue smashing revenue records and stomp out all the competition.” Other publications were eager to point out that the iPhone X was expected “to be a hard-to-find item” yet it was reportedly easy to get one right after its release, which might be taken as a tell-tale that “demand wasn’t as strong as expected.”

“iPhone X surpassed our expectations and has been our top-selling iPhone every week since it shipped in November,” said Apple CEO, Tim Cook. Yet, Apple has reduced the number of iPhone components it will buy as well as the number of iPhone X to be produced. Furthermore, there have been more and more rumours and reports saying that “Apple is going to discontinue the iPhone X this year,” expectedly during the summer, upon the release of its replacements.

Choose your stance and bet on Apple’s iPhone X decision

Considering the information above, you are invited to bet on Apple’s next step. Do you think that the iPhone X will be discontinued from September 2018 (4/5)? Or would you feel more comfortable betting on the iPhone X to stay in production after September 2018 (9/10)? Visit 1xBet Sportsbook’s TV-Games section and make a bet!

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