Bet on Britney Spears to Sing the New James Bond Theme Song

bet on Britney Spears

Britney Spears should sing the next James Bond theme song. Watching Bond save the Queen while Britney chants ‘work b*tch!’, over a string-heavy, dramatic instrumental, is all we need for 2019. If you agree, find out Britney Spears’ betting odds to be chosen as the singer of the upcoming James Bond movie theme.

Britney, Bond-style
Adele's Odds
Adele’s odds might be better, but…

Adele’s voice and style was tailored for James Bond soundtracks and that is exactly why there’s nothing exciting about her singing another theme for the franchise. Instead, Britney should be delegated to do it. The iconic Mrs Oh my God that Britney’s shameless has left Vegas, and is rumoured to kick off a world-tour. The James Bond gig would bring the necessary buzz that is very-much needed for a sold-out stadium tour. Everything’s given, including the odds:


In all honesty, those are not the best odds, especially compared to Adele’s (4/1) and Beyoncé’s (11/1). But do not write her down right away! Let’s explore how far actually Britney is from the James Bond soundtrack!

Based on Toxic, Britney is perfect for the new James Bond theme

Bet on Britney Spears
An orchestral Toxic would be perfect

NME, the renowned British music journal, described Britney’s classic ‘Toxic’ “as a composition, [that] is pure James Bond in Bollywood pastiche […].” Speaking of pastiche, the storyline of Toxic’s music video – starting out with secret-agent Britney in disguise – is like the SparkNotes summary of a soft-core Bond movie, sprinkled with glitter. Even Joseph Khan, the video’s director, acknowledges the “James Bond flicks and sex” in the plot.

Considering that one of Britney’s signature songs was inspired by James Bond the possibility of her singing the new James Bond theme is, well, still low. However, if you are determined to bet on Britney Spears, feel free to use the above argument – and the word pastiche – to silence the sceptics. Good luck!

James Bond theme song betting odds

1. Britney Spears 275/1
2. Beyoncé 11/1
3. Adele 4/1
4. Kylie Minogue 90/1
5. Kanye West 60/1
6. Ed Sheeran 17/10
7. Kendrick Lamar 50/1

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