Bet On Australia To Win The Ashes At Home This Year

Bet On Australia To Win The Ashes

I can’t say I was awfully fond of Cricket at school. The main attraction the sport centering around it not being either Rugby or Football. Those get played in the winter, doing anything in the winter in the UK that involves wearing shorts is unbearably stupid, especially when you add the sheer delights of possible physical injury to the mix. The summers spent playing cricket were far more civilized and indeed in winter one could always bet on Australia to win the Ashes at home and make you look good.

  • Do Australia’s 8/13 odds really sign post a victory this winter?
  • Can England stay cool at beat their 12/5 chances at Bet365?
  • Will the ancient rivalry end in a 6/1 draw once more?
  • Could it really all be over by Christmas?

The dream of playing for England was reasonably easy to have as young boy, the England team seemed just an inept at the game as we were, occasionally winning a notable victory to give form to our wildest dreams of success. As for myself my dreams of being an opener for England were not so much tempered by the concept that you should always bet on Australia to win the Ashes at home if you like to bet on sports in Australia at all (losing didn’t look much fun) as they were destroyed by my being rubbish.

England Will Be Under Less Pressure Than Australia This Winter

The Ashes Urn - Cricket
The Ashes Urn (source: Wikipedia)

Fast bowling is a skill easily learned by tall people, and spin bowling is no problem for anyone with some inherent skill of their own. Being short and talentless my role in most games was to stand somewhere a long way away and field the ball as best I could. Naturally at this grass-roots level the chances of the ball getting anywhere near me was all but zero, something I was only too happy about, and some would say a bet on Australia to win the Ashes this year is nearly as pointless as I was.

Australian gambling laws are quite lax on sports so there are plenty of odds to be got on the series that will be held down under this winter, Bet365, for example, are offering 8/13 on the Aussies to come out victorious of this hallowed and ancient series, whilst England get 12/5 at best and a draw hovers around at 6/1. A bet on Australia to win the Ashes this year isn’t the worst bet in the world, but with the sides both playing well right now you have to wonder if the visitors will have a bit of an edge this time.

Bet On Australia To Win The Ashes At Home In 2017

The Ashes – Odds:
Australia – 8/13
England – 12/5
Draw – 6/1

The Australian press is nearly as venomous as the British tabloids and the pressure on the Australian team will be huge, that home field advantage might not look all that wonderful come the 1st test at The Gabba. The Aussie media don’t often bet on Australia to win the Ashes, preferring instead to snipe from the sidelines about tactical choices and team composition. Of course the staging of the first day/night Ashes test might well distract them a little this time round but still, England are under lots less pressure.

If you do hit up Bet365 to bet on Australia to win the Ashes at home this winter do be sure to bear in mind that no Australian gambling news headlines will be supportive and constructive is a sensible cricket fan and indeed the chances are that rather than talk up their team’s chances the great Aussie press will destroy any hope they have of maintaining a psychological advantage over the visitors from the UK. It could, as they say, be all over by Christmas, so you might want to get your wagers in now.

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