Can McGregor Beat Floyd Mayweather? Check Out The Best Odds at Bet365 Sportsbook!

McGregor Vs Mayweather Odds

Conor McGregor just declared himself to be the clear favourite for the box match of the year, but can McGregor beat Floyd on Saturday night?

The boxing match of the year is happening this Saturday night as Floyd Mayweather will seek to increase his record to 50-0, which would be achieved upon knocking UFC fighter Conor McGregor out. However, the Irishman doesn’t want to admit that Mayweather is favourite, disregarding everything that online sportsbook news sites in the UK expect.

Is McGregor’s overly confident attitude an act or is he really that arrogant?

Conor McGregor gave a speech today ahead of Saturday night’s match and of course his opponent was in the focus of his words. McGregor showed incredible confidence: he believes to be far stronger that Floyd Mayweather, and McGregor made a promise that he would beat Mayweather in at most two rounds.

Can he actually do that? Can Conor McGregor beat Floyd Mayweather? Will he be good enough to do so? If so, online sportsbook sites in the UK would have to pay out a record amount of fee. That is because the odds for McGregor to beat Mayweather are starting from 11/4 and those are the safest McGregor winning odds.

”He’s not even the quarter of the man I am”

Bet on McGregor vs Mayweather!

  • Odds for Mayweather to win: 2/7
  • Bet on McGregor to win by TKO: 8/1
  • Bet on McGregor to win upon Mayweather’s disqualification: 66/1
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That’s what the Irishman said about Floyd Mayweather, and then he made sure nobody misses the point of his speech so he added: “I’m gonna f*ck this boy up!”. McGregor might truly believe in his chances, but the boxing prediction tips we can find in the online sportsbook directory are still against Conor McGregor.

It will be interesting to see how Floyd Mayweather will fight against the former UFC star. Floyd is known for his incredible strength and accuracy – which leads to a defensive style of boxing. McGregor promised to be fit enough to attack him with pace from the vey first until the very last second.

Fight of the Year

Lack of confidence is not his problem for sure… (Photo: MMA Mania)

“I will put the pressure on him and I will break this old man” – said Conor McGregor, when he explained about the boxing style that we can expect from him on Saturday night. And we can only become more excited to see this epic battle between two great boxers. Well, one great boxer and one great MMA fighter.

Which one do you think will outbox the other one? Can McGregor stand a chance against Mayweather’s boxing experience of 49 wins without a single defeat? Is he powerful and fit enough to beat Mayweather, or will Floyd Money clinch his 50th victory? Feel free to take a look at our review about Bet365 Sporsbook and take advantage of the best Mayweather vs McGregor odds online!

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