Bet on the Champions Tour Money List 2018 Top Three, or Langer

It has been a tradition since 1981 to keep track of the best golfers’ earnings in a year. 2018 is no exception. Let’s take a look at the Champions Tour Money List 2018 odds for the top three earners and one very special Bernhard Langer!

2018 Champions Tour Money List
Who is your bet for the Champions Tour Money List in 2018?

The Champions Tour Money List 2018 betting odds reflect each golfer’s earnings. We note that an average earning per tour is somewhere around $180,000. So from now until the end of 2018, a few determined golfers can catch up on winning the tour money. According to online gambling news in the US, there are as many as 10 or more events left this year. Now, what are the best golfers’ financial stats like?

  1. Jerry Kelly (3.00)

    Jerry Kelly
    Jerry Kelly (source: Keith Allison  @Flickr)

Internet gambling sites in the US predict the best odds for Jerry Kelly (3.00) to be the top earner of 2018 because Kelly now has the most champions’ tour money. He owns a whopping $1,542,509 from the 15 events he has competed so far.

  1. Miguel Angel Jimenez (4.00)

As one might imagine, the second best Champions Tour Money List 2018 odds go to Miguel Angel Jimenez at 4.00. In his case, Jimenez has completed only 14 events meaning that he could theoretically surpass Kelly if he had participated in one more tour! With $1,485,013 in his pockets, Jimenez just has $50,000 short of Kelly’s money.

Miguel Angel Jimenez
Miguel Angel Jimenez (Image Courtesy: Caliban; Source: Global Panorama @Flickr)
  1. David Toms (5.50)

Coming in third place is David Toms (5.50). Throughout the 15 events, Toms’ numbers are at $1,412,767 which is not significantly lower than Jimenez’s at all. However, the betting odds for Toms are not as good as the almighty Bernhard Langer. But why is that?

An Exception to the Top Three Earners: Bernhard Langer (5.00)

Bernhard Langer
Bernhard Langer (source: Keith Allison @Flickr)

Bernhard Langer is the proud winner of the Arnold Palmer Award for 9 years in a row. The award honors the person who receives the most PGA Champions tour money in one season. Knowing this, it’s not surprising Langer (5.00) has better odds than Toms even though the latter has made almost $100,000 more money. Langer’s reputation precedes him, indeed.

However, the best online betting sites in the United States still estimate better odds for Kelly and Jimenez. So you should take advantage Langer’s odds now and bet on Champions Tour Money List 2018 while the gaining is still high.

Are You Ready to Bet on Champions Tour Money List 2018?

Earnings vs. Players chart
Visual comparison of the players’ earnings (08.08.2018)

You have time to consider until August 17, when the bet closes at Vbet Sportsbook. The bookies’ favourite in the Champions Tour Money List 2018 is Jerry Kelly (3.00) followed by Miguel Angel Jimenez (4.00). Don’t forget that wagering on Bernhard Langer (5.00) might yield a better return this year!

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