Who to Bet on the Crossfit Games 2018 If Not Mat Fraser?

It’s no secret that Mat Fraser is the man when it comes to Crossfit. However, it’s also true that no winner is set in stone. Anything could happen. When betting on the Crossfit Games 2018, why don’t we consider other strong athletes too?

Matt Fraser
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The nature of Crossfit Games is unpredictable. There will be surprises in the competition and athletes who trained the hardest have the most chance to win. The regionals’ outcomes have revealed the hard-workers. We’ll focus on three regional winners for betting on the Crossfit Games 2018, without including the obvious choice: Mat Fraser. If your heart is still dead set on him winning, check out this article for Mat’s odds as the bookies’ favorite!

East Regionals: Patrick Vellner (16.000)

First of all, let’s learn more about Patrick Vellner’s story. He is the 3rd fittest man on Earth for two years in a row. Much to Patrick’s disappointment, he lost the chance to stand on the podium in 2017. According to online sportsbook news in US, the results of Ricky Garard’s drug test came in too late costing Patrick his moment of reward.

Yet, Patrick is still committed in becoming the best this year. Out of all the athletes competing in the world, Patrick finished the 2018 regionals with the closest score to Mat Fraser at 558-564 points. This is also why the Crossfit Games 2018 betting odds predict a decent chance of winning for Patrick Vellner (16.000) than many others.

West Regionals: Brent Fikowski (11.000)

Online betting sites in US estimate the best odds for Brent Fikowski (11.000) to win Crossfit Games 2018 after Mat Fraser. Not only is he the 2018 West Regionals winner, Brent is also the 2nd fittest man on Earth in 2017. However, his status is not the most compelling reason his Crossfit Games 2018 betting odds.

Just like the last few years, the major focus is going to be strength. To get my squats stronger, my deadlift, my press, strict pull-ups; those have always been a weakness for me. So, I’m gonna continue to work on that,” said Brent. We believe that Brent will win because he knows his weaknesses and is going to overcome them this season.

Atlantic Regionals: Noah Ohlsen (18.500)

Finally, Noah Ohlsen (18.500) is another good bet on the bet on Crossfit Games 2018, according to online gambling directory in US. Noah, number one in the Atlantic Region, is the type of guy who sets goals in stages. For 2018, his goals are to make it on the podium and eventually winning the Crossfit Games.

To achieve this, Noah moved closer to his coach Max El-Hag. He is also training with a partner every day. The increased training preparation and intensity are features that could lead Noah to become the 2018 Crossfit Games winner!

Bet on the Crossfit Games 2018: Men’s Event

Apart from Mat Fraser, we should on the athletes who are training hard and giving their all. Those people are none other than Noah Ohlsen (18.500), Patrick Vellner (16.000) and Brent Fikowski (11.000). Be sure to bet on the Crossfit Games 2018 at Pinnacle Sportsbook before August 1!

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