Crossfit Games 2018 Odds for Women Include the Usual Suspects

It’s been a few years that five women are always competing to be the fittest woman on Earth. Let’s take a look at the Crossfit Games 2018 odds for all the usual suspects in the women’s individual event!

Crossfit Games 2018 odds
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Competition on the women’s side has always been dramatic in the Crossfit Games. Scores and performances are so close together. Rest assured, the Crossfit Games 2018 odds for women can help us make sense of this annual neck-to-neck competition.

The Three Trio from Iceland

For Crossfit athletes whose family names end in ‘dottir,’ we can be certain they are from Iceland. It’s just how Icelandic names work, by which dottir means daughter. According to online sportsbook news in US, the successes of Annie Thorisdottir, Katrin Davidsdottir and Sara Sigmundsdottir might have something to do with the fitness culture of Iceland. All three athletes placed Top 5 in the Crossfit Games 2017.

People in Iceland are obsessed about going to the gym. Growing up in this culture, the three women are bound to succeed in the Crossfit Games. Annie and Katrin, in particular, have been named the winner twice each! US gambling sites predict the same Crossfit Games 2018 odds for the trio at 5.000 to become this year’s winner.

The Fittest Women in 2017

Tia-Clair Toomey is the bookies’ favorite to win Crossfit Games 2018. She is also the fittest woman on Earth in 2017. Tia’s (3.250) winning odds in 2018 surpass the Icelandic women as well as other Crossfit athletes.

Yet, we have to note that the 2017 competition was a close call. Until the results came out, neither Tia nor Kara Saunders knew who was going to win. In the end, Kara became the second fittest but only by a narrow margin. So internet sportsbook sites in US estimate 4.000 odds for Kara to win the 2018 Crossfit Games. We can’t wait to see the Aussie chicks and Icelandic women battle it out.

Bet on Crossfit Games 2018: Women’s Individual Competition!

The Crossfit Games 2018 odds tell us that betting on Tia-Clair Toomey (3.250) and Kara Saunders (4.000) are safer than other choices. However, the women’s individual competition is highly unpredictable so Sara Sigmundsdottir, Annie Thorisdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir (5.000) have as good the chance to win! Before placing your bet at Pinnacle Sportsbook, you can also explore the 2018 Men’s Crossfit Gaűmes odds here!

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