Trump-Putin Summit Betting Specials: What Will Be Caught on Camera?

Cameras will be rolling and the world will be watching the next meeting between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Take a look at the Trump-Putin Summit betting specials to see what the two presidents could potentially say, wear and do on camera!

President Sauli Niinisto of Finland will welcome President Trump and Putin in Helsinki on the 16th of July 2018, according to online gambling news in Finland. Now, Unibet Sportsbook is offering Trump-Putin Summit betting specials on the leaders’ interaction with each other. All bets will be settled based on TV footage which the camera will record on the meeting day. Check out the specials’ odds below!

Trump-Putin Summit

Will the Presidents Speak Finnish?

One of the first Trump-Putin Summit betting specials is the use of Finnish language by the two visiting presidents. Online betting sites in Finland predict lower odds for Vladimir Putin (8/1) than Donald Trump (10/1) to say a Finnish phrase during the press conference.

This is probably due to fact that Trump has never been seen speaking any other language apart from English in public. In contrast, Putin has shown off his foreign language skills before; albeit the language is German and not Finnish.

If Trump or Putin were to speak Finnish in the press conference, the most likely phrase would be hello, good morning, good afternoon or good evening depending on the time of the day. In Finnish, the easiest one to say is terve or hello.

A Guess at the Tie Colour

The universal standard for formal wear is a suit. However, the Trump-Putin Summit betting specials are interested in the colour of the presidents’ ties in particular. When you’re online gambling in Finland, red (3/4) is the go-to colour for President Trump’s tie. After all, Trump is rarely seen wearing another colour for a tie except the occasional blue (1/1).

Bet on Putin's tie color

At 3/4 odds, President Putin and Trump could be having a matching-tie day on the 16th of July. However, wardrobe experts have dissected Putin’s favourite colour combinations and red is not among the list. A dark blue (3/1) tie is usually paired with a light blue shirt and dark blue or grey suits. The Russian president also likes to wear black suits with a white shirt and a brown (4/1) or black (3/1) tie.

Action Category in the Trump-Putin Summit Betting Specials

LennuThe most absurd act that you could bet on is for President Trump to present a gift to President Niinisto, but in the forms of a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. At 50/1, this event is highly unlikely but it’s a part of the fun Trump-Putin Summit betting specials.


You might have heard of Lennu or the Finnish First Dog. Often times, Lennu accompanies President Niinisto to official events and the Trump-Putin Summit could be one of them. Why does this matter? Well, the last special bet is for either President Trump or Putin to pet Lennu (25/1). It would make for a great viral video indeed!

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