Bet on Dota 2 – DreamLeague Season 8

Bet on Dota 2 – DreamLeague Season 8

The Dota 2 year is coming to an end with lots of action to take place at the largest LAN party in the world. If you are an eSport enthusiast, you are probably thinking to place a bet on Dota 2 – DreamLeague season 8 finals.

The final Dota 2 major event will get started on 1st December. It will last for three days, taking place at DreamHack Winter 2017 in Jonkoping, Sweden. If you are unable to attend the event, don’t worry, it will be broadcasted online. You can also place your bet on Dota 2 –DreamLeague season 8 finals. At Unibet Sportsbook you can bet on the winners of the first round that will take place on 1st December. You can also bet on the grand final winner until 3rd December.

Bet on Dota 2

Team Liquid (source: Liquipedia – Team Liquid)

Dota 2 – DearmLeague Season 8

According to online sportsbook sites Dota 2 is one of the most played games on steam, with over a million concurrent players at its peak. Teams across the globe play professionally in various leagues, which often have prize pools totaling millions of US dollars, the highest of any eSport.

The DreamLeague season 8 began few months ago. Teams all around the world battled their way for regional qualifiers. Best eight teams made their way to Sweden. They include one qualified team each from North America, South America, China, and Southeast Asia, as well as four teams from Europe.

The total prize pool will be $100,000 and 1500 Dota 2 Pro Circuit Points. To break it down the prize will be distributed as following:

  • 1st Place: $500,000 + 750 points
  • 2nd Place: $200,000 + 450 points
  • 3rd Place: $100,000 + 225 points
  • 4th Place: $70,000 + 75 points
  • 5th/6th Places: $45,000
  • 7th/8th Places: $20,000

Who to Bet on Dota 2 – DreamLeague Season 8 Finals?

According to online sportsbook news the DreamLeague season 8 is probably one of the most exciting seasons. Four of the participating teams in the LAN event are holding the top rankings for Pro Circuit Points. They include Team Liquid, Newbee, Virtus.Pro, and Team Secret. Three of the participating teams have yet to claim any points.

If you would like to learn how to bet on esports, we recommend you to visit Unibet Sportsbook. You can find on the site all the odds that you are looking for. Perhaps you should pick your grand final winner among the four teams that hold top rankings for Pro Circuit Points. The odds are in favorite of the top Team Liquid standing at 3.50. Or you can pick the rivals, where Virtus.Pro odds stand at 4.00, Team Secret odds are 5.00, and the odds for NewBee are 6.00.

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