Bet on the European Figure Skating Championship in 2019

Alina Zagitova seems to be the right choice to place a bet on at the European Figure Skating Championship in 2019. Despite her age, she has collected several prestigious medals during her career. Zagitova has set the world record scores 4 times already. This year she has 1.5 odds for winning. Betting on her win is a smooth deal.

Bet on the European Figure Skating Championship
Alina Zagitova's betting for the European Figure Skating Championship are here

Zagitova is the second-youngest women’s skater known to have an Olympic gold. 2018 PyeongChang Olympics brought her a gold medal in singles and a silver medal in team event. American skater, Tara Lipinski was also 15 when she won the trophy at Nagano 1998. A point often overlooked, she was about a month younger than Zagitova.

Alina Zagitova to win the European Figure Skating Championship in 2019: 1.5

Alina Zagitova not to win the  European Figure Skating Championship in 2019: 2.4

Alina is preparing in a fight mode

The champion earned the highest technical score ever in the free skate section at the PyeongChang Olympics thanks to a triple Lutz-triple loop combination. Additionally, she became the first figure skater in the world to put all her jumps in the second half of her program. That was a wise move, as skaters are rewarded bonus points for jumps performed in the second half.

At the beginning of September 2018, Zagitova had a performance at the test skates of the Russian Figure Skating Federation. The debut put quite a lot of pressure on the champion since this was her first public skating show since the World Championships. According to online sportsbook sites in the Russian Federation. Alina is positive: there is always room for growth for her.

Focusing on skating clean, transmitting emotions towards the audience, and performing mature are her main aims to fulfill. She did not get star fever after the world junior championship, on the contrary, she is trying to train, skate, and eat more reflectively. The world junior champion has no room for errors.

Ready for the championship, she is aiming to win

Bet on figure skating
Alina Zagitova

The performance of the  Russian sensation is usually executed flawlessly. Jumps including triple Lutz, triple flip into a double toe, and triple flip into a double loop are generally part of her repertoire. The skater moved up to senior level and won her first medal only a couple of months later at the 2017 CS Lombardia Trophy. During the 2017-2018 season, she won the Grand Prix Final and the Russian National Figure Skating Championship.

This season Zagitova’s performances are more mature and emotional. In the short program, she is skating to “The Phantom of the Opera”. While in free skating she performs from the well-known opera ‘Carmen’. Latter performance seems to be a challenge, as instructed by the coaches, it’s not enough to just perform it, the skater has to live it.

Even though ‘Carmen’ might be considered to be an overused theme, Alina does not see this as a problem. Her performance is truly unique due to her style, and the thoroughly planned, well-made program. Indeed, the coaches spent a lot of time putting the different pieces together. In the end it all turned into a theater-style show.

Zagitova does not lower her standards

The hotshot started to skate professionally at the age of 6, as skating runs in the family. Her father, an ice hockey coach competed at the national level in Russia. Winner of the 2018 European Championships in Moscow and gold medalist of the 2017-2018 Grand Prix Final in Nagoya, Zagitova has a very bright future ahead of her.

The 2019 European Figure Skating Championships will be held between 21-27 of January. The venue of the Championship is Minsk Arena, in the capital of Belarus. Make sure you place a bet on the European Figure Skating Championship in 2019. Cannot go wrong with Zagitova. Her odds for winning are as high as 1.5 on 1XBet Sportbook.

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