Bet on the Liiga 2018/2019 Winner: Tappara to Revenge Last Year’s Final

  • Tappara might win the Liiga against the bookies’ favorites Kärpät
  • HPK is surprising and might be a good bet on the Liiga 2018/2019 winner
  • HIFK is a threat in the playoffs after the start of the new coach
Bet on the Liiga 2018/2019 Winner
Tampere Ice Stadium, the home of Tappara

The Finnish ice hockey league has provided some of the most exciting matches in the continent. The playoffs are already happening and soon we will know who will be the champion. But you can still place a bet on the Liiga 2018/2019 winner and Tappara is a good choice.

Ice hockey the most popular sport among most Europeans. But it has its niche audience, especially in Nordic countries and Central Europe. And Finland, despite its small population, has marked well its statute of one of the strongest teams in the world. They were twice World Champions, in 1995 and 2011. And the country also contributes a considerable amount of players to the NHL every year. And its teams are very successful in the Champions Hockey League. Moreover, Finland has one team playing in KHL, the Helsingin Jokerit.

This season, online sportsbook sites in Finland are favoring Oulun Kärpät, as they are the defending champions and already won the regular season. However, we think that Tappara can still revenge last year’s finals as they keep on improving their game.

Tampereen Tappara is likely to take back the title

Tappara is one of the most successful teams in Finland. Prior to last year, they were the Liiga’s champions two consecutive times. Tappara has been keeping this presence on the top-2 in recent years. And this year they will certainly try to be the best again.

This season, Christian Heljanko is finally showing his skills in Liiga, and since last Summer that the team has a new captain as well. Kristian Kuusela, who seems to just be getting better, even after an impressive performance last season.

Tappara also started 2019 in better shape, recovering from some bad games at the end of the year. So, keeping up like this, they (4.50) have really good chances of reaching the final and becoming the champions.

Ice hockey is quite popular in the Nordic countries
Ice hockey is quite popular in the Nordic countries

Hämeenlinnan Pallokerho (HPK) has new talents that are surprising in the Liiga

HPK has been surprising in the playoffs as they weren’t very high on the table. But their team is full of high-quality players that are surprising in this season.

Teemu Turunen is hoping he will be drafted for NHL next season. And he has reasons to believe he might be. The player already scored 59 points in Liiga and is definitely being an essential element for the team’s success. But he is not the only revelation. Jere Innala, at only 21 years old, is one of the best scorers with 24 goals so far.

It is true that they will face Tappara now, which has been a hard task for them lately, but things can certainly go well for the team. Their odds are 8.50 at Unibet Sportsbook.

Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna, Helsingfors (HIFK) are a good bet on the Liiga 2018/2019 winner

Similarly to HPK, HIFK was 6th on the Liiga, almost failing to qualify for the playoffs. Nevertheless,  they defeated favorites Lahti Pelicans, who had the season’s best player, Oliwer Kaski. This way the team is very likely to keep performing well and change their last year’s bronze medal for a golden one.  

HIFK – which became famous for its 1998 squad that is, until this day, considered to be the best ever to play in Finnish rings –  hasn’t been performing well in recent years, as it was only able to be champions in 2011.

This year, however, they seem to be on a good way to turn things around. As reported by online sportsbook news sites in Finland, the new coach Jarno Pikkarainen is leading the team to the top. And, despite having to face the Liiga champions Kärpät now, he is keeping a very good record of victories.

And the team has some very strong players, like the Canadian acquaintance from the NHL Kyle Quincy and U20 World Champion Anton Lundell. This way, their odds (9.50) are not that low at Unibet Sportsbook.

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