Bet on Luke Jackson to win Against Carl Frampton: Year of the Underdog


Posted: June 22, 2018

Updated: June 22, 2018

Boxing fans are outraged at the recent matchup between the lightweight king and the apparently unworthy Australian. So why should you bet on Luke Jackson to win against Carl Frampton?

One is two-time world champion and the other is an elusive Tasmanian. It is no wonder that a bet on Luke Jackson has such generous odds. But why has this matchup happened, why are Frampton fans in hysterics and why should you bet on Luke Jackson to win on the 28th of August?

Windsor Park is usually host to a treasure of Irish games, from GAA to Rugby Union. On the 28th of August, the stadium will be united with a ring. The match is set to take no prisoners, whilst boxing fans are amazed by the matchup. Given that Frampton’s dream was to fight at Windsor, his supporters see it as criminal that it must be against an enigma, but online sportsbook promotions in the UK disagree.

How did we get here?

Luke Jackson has always had his sights on medals as opposed to professional boxing, traveling the globe to compete in the Commonwealth and Olympic games but before he reached this standard he was learning to box in his dad’s garage. In fact, he only took up the gloves at the age of 18.

In 2013, Jackson decided to have a go at being pro, working his way amongst New Zeeland notoriety and climbing the ladders. Now he ranks as world number 5. This will be the biggest fight of his professional career and he certainly believes that he can win.

The Irish Jackal, good but not great

Luke Jackson pays respect to Frampton however does not believe the Jackal to be the best. Jackson is humbly confident about his own ability to beat the two-time former world champion. Part of Jackson’s betting potential is the fact that he is relatively unknown in the world of professional boxing yet still ranks number 5. He has the skill, technique and experience to beat Frampton.

 Bet on Luke Jackson to win against Carl Frampton

He may be the underdog from first glance but this assumption is completely unjust. Always a grafter and with an extensive amateur career, in order to compete at Olympic level, it is absolute that a KO is well within the reach of Luke Jackson. With Bet365 Sportsbook offering odds at 13.00 for a bet on Jackson to win, the stakes become a gift.  

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