Bet on Messi to be La Liga Top Scorer – Will He make it through the End?

Bet on Messi to be La Liga Top Scorer

With 30 major titles to his name and a glut of individual honors, Lionel Messi seems to be on his way to add new titles this season and other seasons to come before he hangs up his boots. He already scored 12 goals this La Liga season, and he is successfully leading Barcelona team to stay on top of La Liga so far. Bet on Messi to be La Liga top scorer, if he can make it through the end with such great performance.

Messi is already a long Barca’s top scorer, and he is the most prolific marksman in Spanish La Liga history with 361 goals, ahead of Christiano Ronaldo on 286. Why is he then still striving for more titles? Is it because he is simply good at collecting new titles, or is it that there is no one to compete with for La Liga top scorer this season? Bet on Messi to be La Liga top scorer for 2017/18 season.

Online betting sites in Spain are predicting that if Messi continues with La Liga top scorer, he may win many trophies ahead such as France Football’s Ballon d’Or prize. It is not his first time to seek for many titles, thus this time his fellow Christiano Ronaldo is not there to compete.

At Intertops Sportsbook the odds for Messi to be La Liga top scorer are 1.06, while the odds for his fellow Christiano Ronaldo are 17.00. It seems that the team of Intertops Sportsbook is pretty sure that La Liga top scorer is out of Christiano’s league this season.

Does Christiano Ronaldo become soft?

Although Christiano Ronaldo retained his crown as Fifa men’s player of the year, he won the trophy for his performance in last season not in the current one. In this La Liga season he simply stopped scoring. He only has one goal on his name so far.

Bet on Messi to be La Liga Top Scorer

Christiano Ronaldo (source: Hypebeast)

Maybe he is enjoying the fatherhood life now more than competing with his old fellow Messi. Online sportsbook news announced that Christiano Ronaldo is expecting a new child this month, and maybe he is focusing on his family now instead of his professional career.

Why to Bet on Messi to be La Liga Top Scorer for 2017/18?

It is not only about Christiano Ronaldo not being there to compete with Leo. Leo has also other reasons to seek for the La Liga top scorer. He is waiting for the announcement of Ballon d’Or prize on December 7 by France Football Magazine, and if he keeps up with such good performance he may get it for the sixth time.

Bet on Messi to be La Liga Top Scorer

Messi (source: Morocco World News)

He also expects his current contract with Barcelona to expire at the end of the season. According to online sportsbooks in Spain he did not officially sign a new one. Maybe he is willing to leave next year, and if so he will certainly leave while being on the top of La Liga for the last time.

What about Zaza, Suarez, and Asensio?

Valencia forward Simone Zaza is the top scorer after Leo with 9 goals in La Liga so far. With the impressive start by his team, he will most likely compete with Leo until the end; his odds are 41.00 at Intertops Sportsbook.

The less likely competitors to Messi, are his fellow Luis Suarez and the Real Madrid’s young midfielder Marco Asensio. Suarez scored only three La Liga goals in eight games, but Valverde still believes in him. If you agree with Valverde, then bet on Suarez to be La Liga top scorer at Intertops Sportsbook; his odds are 51.00. If you think Marco Asensio will score many goals in next games with his long shots then bet on him as his odds are 126.00.

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