Bet on Michel Barnier As the Next EU Commissioner President

  • The next EU parliamentary elections will take place May 23rd-25th
  • Major parties have chosen their spitzenkandidats
  • Manfred Weber, Margrethe Vestager and Michel Barnier have high odds
Bet on Michel Barnier
This could be the right time to bet on Michel Barnier

The next EU elections will take place from May 23rd to 25th of May. Major parties have chosen Spitzenkandidats who will become EU commissioner president if the party wins most seats. we suggest betting on Michel Barnier as the next EU Commission President.

From the 751 seats to the European Parliament and 376 seats needed for a majority. The political party will choose Spitzenkandidat who is a  lead candidate that has been nominated by the heads of the party. Now the party that manages to collect the most seats in the EU parliament elections will have a mandate to appoint their spitzenkandidat as the president of EU commission.

Odds of the next EU Commissioner President 

Manfred Weber 2.25
Margrethe Vestager 7.00
Michel Barnier  6.00

Therefore when betting on the next EU commissioner president we have to keep in mind which party is likely to win the most seats. However, the leaders of the EU’s member countries have made clear they will not be bound by this process. They reserve the right to choose their own candidate to lead the Commission

There are candidates from within the EU itself such as Margrethe Vestager and Michel Barnier who are significant candidates

Manfred Weber- does he have what it takes?

Bet on Michel Barnier
Manfred Weber

European’s people party, chose Manfred Weber (2.25) as their Spitzenkandidat in 2018. Afterall he has been the leader of the party since 2014. However, there are doubts about Weber’s abilities as he has never held high executive office. Whereas Barnier has all the necessary experience in the world. The EPP is almost certain to come as the party with the most number of seats. Therefore, Weber has a high chance of becoming commissioner president.

Margrethe Vestager- EU’s sweetheart 

According to online sportsbook news in the EU, Vestager (7.00) is one of the favorites to become commissioner president. chosen as the favorite commissioner in Jucker’s cabinet, she’s clearly a shining star. Vestager led a highly publicized tax crackdown on large corporate companies such as Fiat, Apple, Starbucks.

However, being popular isn’t the only requirement. And things aren’t as easy for her. Firstly she does not have the support of her local Danish government. Moreover, she belongs to the ALDE group. ALDE political party is expected to come in third and would not be in a strong position to claim the commissioner presidency position. 

However, Margrethe Vestager’s candidacy has been confirmed. Other candidates such as Michel Barnier have yet to confirm their candidacy. Before you put your money on her be sure to check out Gamingzion’s latest review about 22BET sportsbook.

Michel Barnier- Brexit badass and favorite bet for the next EU commissioner president

Bet on Michel Barnier
Michel Barnier

Barnier (6.00) is the European Union chief negotiator for Britain exiting EU. To put it in laymen terms Barnier is a badass. Now Michel has decided to level up his game and has eyes for EU commissioner president. The Brexit deal gives Barnier platform for his commissioner presidency campaign. Barnier is not technically a candidate but he is continuously being discussed as the top man in EU circles.

Michel Barnier is clearly highly experienced for the commissioner president job. Not only he has served two terms as a European commissioner, but he has also maintained his ministerial position in France. Not to mention that he’s been applauded for his work on Brexit. Therefore his network of political contacts across the continent is undeniably deep.

There are various complications too. Firstly, the legislature declares that only spitzenkandidats should run. Secondly, the French president- Emmanuel Macron should endorse Barnier. Nonetheless, we think he has high chances of becoming the next commissioner president.

EU’s political stance is unclear.  Poland and Hungary are led by nationalists and Italy by populists. Whoever does win, will not have an easy term ahead of them.

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