Bet on the Next Prime Minister of Spain: Top 4 Candidates


Posted: March 18, 2019

Updated: March 18, 2019

  • Santiago Abascal will lead the first far-right party in the Parliament in nearly four decades
  • Albert Rivera leads Ciudadanos Party that has the largest share of the vote in Catalonia

Spain heads to an early election on April 28. PM Sanchez’s Socialist government has collapsed. You can now bet on the next Prime Minister of Spain. The country seems extremely polarized. Therefore, to no surprise, Santiago Abascal the leader of the far-right Vox and Albert Rivera the Catalan unionist have a good chance to become the new Prime Minister.

The country will choose its new leader for the third time in less than a year. The Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez – who replaced  Mariano Rajoy last June – has just called for a snap election in April. Spaniards will only vote for the political parties, with the Parliament to elect the Prime Minister. Many contenders are enlisted at online sportsbook sites in Spain. Yet we think only four candidates have a real chance to win.

Next Prime Minister of Spain Odds at 22Bet Sportsbook

  1. Santiago Abascal: 101
  2. Albert Rivera: 7.5
  3. Pedro Sanchez: 2.25
  4. Pablo Casado: 1.5

Abascal to lead the first far-right party in parliament

Santiago Abascal leads the far-right party Vox since 2014. He and his fellow party members are campaigning on a message of anti-immigration and anger over the secessionist drive in Catalonia. Vox are newcomers to the Spanish political scene. They will be the first far-right party in the Parliament in nearly four decades. Pollsters expect Vox to win from 16 to 46 seats out of 350. Abascal’s rise to power will shock all Europe, but it will bring great profit with 100.00 odds if you choose him as the next Prime Minister of Spain.

Rivera campaigns for unity and Spanishness

Albert Rivera
Albert Rivera

Albert Rivera leads the centre-right Ciudadanos party. The party has only 32 MPs in the Parliament as of now, but it dominates the most seats and has the largest share of the vote in Catalonia. Rivera has fought an aggressively unionist campaign in Catalonia and he prioritizes the idea of unity and Spanishness. He will have a greater chance to lead the country if more Popular Party defectors join his party.

Sanchez will retain his job if Socialists win the majority

The incumbent Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came to power last June, after winning the support of six other parties to remove Mr. Rajoy. His party holds less than a quarter of the seats in the Parliament. But, with the support of small regional parties including Catalan nationalists, Mr. Sanchez was able to capture the PM’s position.

The Catalans lately abandoned Mr. Sanchez once it became clear that he will not allow them to organize a referendum on secession. However, internet sportsbook news in Spain noted that his socialist party might win the majority seats in the Parliament. Should that happen he will retain his job as the Prime Minister of Spain.

Pablo CasadoCasado, the leader of the Popular Party

Pablo Casado, 37, has replaced the former PM Mariano Rajoy who was ousted in a no-confidence vote. Mr. Casado is taking a hard line against Catalan separatists. He is also pushing for a conservative agenda on social issues. Why should you think of betting on the next Prime Minister of Spain to be Mr. Casado? It is simple, his Popular Party has been the biggest political force in the national parliament for a long time.

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