Next SNP Leader Odds: Derek McKay to Replace Nicola Sturgeon


Posted: March 18, 2019

Updated: March 18, 2019

  • Derek McKay is likely to lead the party in the future
  • The next SNP leader odds are surprisingly positive about Stewart Hosie
  • John Swinney won’t be repeating his previous leadership

The Scottish National Party is the ruling party in the Scottish Parliament. As tensions have arisen within the party, betting sites are already considering who will replace Nicola Sturgeon. The next SNP leader odds suggest that Derek McKay will hold the position.

Recently, the former leader of the SNP and considered the voice of independence in Scotland,  Alex Salomon, was charged with sexual misconduct. Even though he claims his innocence as reported by online sportsbook news in the UK, this has led to his resignation from the party. First Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon had to take legal action as required and the situation might bring animosities and cost her leadership. This is also raising concerns about the possibility of a second independence referendum that is expected to take place after Brexit. For these reasons, reformulations within the party might be coming very soon.

1. Derek McKay, the life-long learner

Derek McKay has been an active member of the SNP since his youth. At 21, he left University so he could focus on running for the Renfrewshire Council. And now, he is serving as the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work.

His goal has been to try to bring equality and justice to Scotland. In this way, McKay has been responsible for changing the income tax system, so higher earners pay more. Earlier in the year, along with a deal with the Greens on the Scottish budget, he has also been encouraging a decentralization in the country, providing councils with more power.

He has considerably grown as a politician and he is well-liked among the party. He is a serious contender to Nicola Surgeon and his odds of becoming the next SNP leader are 2/1 at 22BET Sportsbook.

2. The multi-cultural hero: Humza Yousaf

Humza Yousuf Scottish Parliament
He has a lovely scarf, so he must be a great politician as well.

Humza Yousaf is the multi-cultural face of the SNP. Since last year, he is the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

In 2011, Yousaf was appointed Member of the Parliament. Since then, he is seeing a rapid political rise and is outspoken about religious hatred, mainly the anti-catholicism feelings among Scottish.

As someone who embraces his Scottish-Pakistani identity on his politics, he is a very important figure for immigrants. He took his oath in English and in Urdu. And he wore a traditional sherwani decorated with tartan and some other Scottish elements.

Therefore, he has been trying to break with structural racism that is still very present in the country. As he might appeal to voters across the country, especially to minorities, his (83/25) odds are high at online sportsbook in the UK.

3. Stewart Hosie tries again

Stewart Hosie is a Member of the Parliament for Dundee East since 2005. In 2017 his re-election registered the highest majority in the party.

He supports many humanitarian causes and represents charities, such as Nil By Mouth and Smart Play Network, which has brought him a lot of popularity. Simultaneously, he also plays an essential role in bringing up religions together in Scotland. Besides representing Islamic Relief, he is also a member of the All Party Parliamentary Friends of the Baha’is.

Between 2014 and 2016, he was Deputy Leader of the SNP. However, the media widely publicized his extra-marital affair. Following the issue, he stepped down from the position that year.  

His beliefs and stands are, however, still considerably admired among the party and his odds are 83/25.

Stewart Hosie
Stewart Hosie

4. Twitter-star youngster Mhairi Black could win as well

Image result for Mhairi BlackMhairi Black is currently the Baby of the House – youngest member in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. She was first elected at only 20 years old. A first-class honors graduate from the University of Glasgow, Black unexpectedly defeated Labor party candidate Douglas Alexander in 2015, contributing for the rise of the SNP in Scotland.

Her maiden speech went viral and had over 10 million views on social media. Black is an avid user of the platforms, where she tries to spread her stands for LGBT and Gender-equality causes.

She has stated, however, that she dislikes being in the parliament. This is maybe why her popularity decreased. She is gradually quieter and her reelection in 2017  only had a small majority. Yet, Black is definitely part of the future of the SNP and she (8/1) can possibly become the next leader.

5. Bet on experience: John Swinney

John Swinney is one of the most experienced politicians on this list. He is currently serving as Deputy First Minister of Scotland and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills. His nomination for the latter position in 2016 appeared as the government’s commitment to solving Scotland’s issues on education.

As Deputy First Minister, and mainly in the Brexit context, he has been essential in dealing with the increasing pressure coming from the opposition. He has addressed the many progressive policies of the SNP and affirms a will of continuing with such important laws in the future, in matters such as climate change, alcohol misuse, and childcare.

He has already served as the party’s leader from 2000. However, the party performed poorly under his leadership which led him to resign in 2004. Even though he is one of the closest people to the leadership, this is maybe why his odds are only 8/1 at 22BET Sportsbook.

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