UFC Fighters With Most Wins

  • Alistair Overeem is the most experienced UFC fighter
  • Renan Barao has one of the longest unbeaten runs
  • Donald Cerrone has the most wins in the UFC
UFC Fighters with Most Wins
Here are the greatest UFC legends!

Alistair Overeem, Renan Barao, and Donald Cerrone are the UFC fighters with the most wins. Let’s review their records and their most famous fights.

In mixed martial arts, many moves can lead to a victory or defeat. It could be punches, kicks, elbow, knee, by way of submission, or finally by judges decision. Each fighter has its own skills and style of fighting. Each of them started their career with either kickboxing, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, karate, kung fu or any other martial arts. Therefore, it’s a great challenge to attain a winning record.

Alistair Overeem “The Demolition Man”

Currently, Alistair Overeem is the most experienced UFC fighter. With 38 years of age, Overeem has 44 wins and 17 losses in his career. He won 21 fights by knockout and 17 by submission. Overeem is #7 in the official UFC heavyweight rankings.

He is the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, DREAM Heavyweight Champion, and K-1 World Grand Prix Champion. Overeem made his UFC debut against famous Brock Lesnar on Dec 2011. Eventually, he beat Lesnar in the first round by TKO.

Ever since Overeem defeated many great UFC fighters. Including Fabricio Werdum, Mark Hunt, Vitor Belfort, Andrei Arlovski, Junior dos Santos, and Frank Mir.

Overeem was so close to UFC Heavyweight title

Furthermore, Overeem got a chance at the UFC Heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic on Sep 2016. He was really close on knocking Miocic out in the first round. However, he lost the fight by TKO in the 2nd round. Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten another shot at the title yet.

Miocic vs Overeem UFC
The memorable fight against Miocic

Stipe Miocic lost his title to Daniel Cormier on July 2018, who is #1 in heavyweight rankings. Ever since Daniel Cormier is the UFC Heavyweight Champion and is the #1 ranked pound-for-pound in the UFC.

Overeem was born in England to a Dutch mother and Jamaican father. He started practicing MMA at the age of 15 in the Netherlands. It was his older brother Valentijn who took him to an MMA gym for the first time. Interestingly, his goal was only to learn how to defend himself.

But he dedicated fully into mixed martial arts after meeting Bas Rutten and  Joop Casteel. Later, Overeem made his professional debut at the age of 19. He defeated Ricardo Fyeet by submission on 24 Oct 1999.

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Renan Barao was ranked #3 pound-for-pound in the UFC

Brazilian Renan Barão comes in at number 2 on the list of the UFC fighters with most wins. With 32 years of age, he has 38 wins and 8 losses. Barao won 8 fights by knockout and 15 by submission. Most noteworthy, he recorded 32 straight fights without a loss.

His first UFC debut was a victory by unanimous decision against Cole Escovedo. Barao’s most famous fight was against Urijah Faber, the former UFC Bantamweight Champion on 21 July 2012. Eventually, he defeated Faber by unanimous decision in the last round and won the UFC Bantamweight Championship.

Furthermore, he defended his title three times against Michael McDonald, Eddie Wineland, and Urijah Faber. Barao defeated Michael McDonald by submission, and Eddie Wineland, and Urijah Faber by TKO.

Barao’s performance declined as he lost his title

Finally, Barao lost his title to T.J. Dillashaw, the current UFC Bantamweight Champion. Dillashaw won the fight by TKO in the last round. That encounter earned the Fight of the Night award.

Before losing his title, Barao was #3 ranked pound-for-pound in the UFC. He also was regarded as one of the best fighters. However, his unbeaten streak ended by losing the title, and his performance declined dramatically ever since. Recently, he won only 2 out of his 9 matches and is no longer among the top 10 Bantamweight fighters.

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Donald Cerrone “Cowboy” is the most aggressive fighter

Donald Cowboy Cerrone UFC Fighters with Most Wins
The Dreadful Donald Cowboy Cerrone

Donald Cerrone, known as “Cowboy” is the 3rd athlete in our list of the UFC fighters with most wins. He is 35 years old and was born in Ohio, U.S. Cerrone has 35 wins and 11 losses in his career. He won 9 fights by knockout, 17 by submission, and 8 by decision.

Most noteworthy, Cerrone won 22 of his fights in UFC. Which makes him the fighter with the most wins in the UFC organization.

His last 2 encounters against Mike Perry and Alexander Hernandez earned him the Performance of the Night award. Cerrone defeated Perry in the first round by submission on 10 Nov 2018. Later, he beat Hernandez by TKO on 19 Jan 2019.

Cerrone lost his chance for the title against Rafael dos Anjos

Unfortunately, Cerrone has not won a UFC title in his career so far. On Dec 2017, Cerrone got a chance at the UFC Lightweight title against Rafael dos Anjos. However, he lost by TKO in the 1st round.

Donald Cerrone is mostly famous for his aggressive style of fighting. That’s why he is known as one of the most exciting fighters of all time.

Cerrone began professional bull riding in high school ages. He started practicing kickboxing and Muay Thai at the age of 20. After winning a few tournaments he began practicing mixed martial arts. Cerrone had his professional MMA debut at 23 years old against Nate Mohr. He defeated Mohr by submission in the first round.

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