Bet on Thomas Lüthi to Win Moto2 in 2019

  • Luthi eyes are on his first Moto2 championship title
  • Bookies argue that Baldassarri is just as likely to win
Bet on Luthi
Lüthi is the favorite to win the Moto2 Championship title this year

This year, it could be very reasonable to bet on Thomas Lüthi to win Moto2. However, bookies argue Lorenzo Baldassarri is just as likely to win the title. There are a lot of quality riders in Moto2 this season, and it’s hard to foresee what this year may bring. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best Moto2 winner odds and our predictions.

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Thomas Lüthi 3/1
Lorenzo Baldassarri 3/1
Marcel Schrotter 6/1
Alex Marquez 13/2
Luca Marini 8/1

Moto2 is the second highest class of all motorcycle road racing championships. The riders have to compete in 18 tracks around the world. In each race, the best 15 riders are rewarded with points, which they can collect throughout the season.

The winner of each race gets 25 points, while the second place is rewarded with 20. Whoever gets the most points by the end of the year becomes the Moto2 World Champion. In 2019, the season started in the 10th March, at Losail, Qatar. The last race takes place in Valencia, on 17th November.

Just like in the case of other sports, it’s possible to bet on Moto2 races as well. According to our latest review about  BetVictor, they’re a site with a great variety of bets, and that includes motorcycle road racing as well. While it’s never easy to place bets on this competition, this year’s going to be especially exciting. But don’t worry: we’ve got you covered, and collected the best Moto2 odds for you.

Lüthi could get his first Moto2 championship title this year

Thomas Lüthi’s one of the names in MotoGP who’s been around since forever. His first ever race in the championship was in 2002, when he was just 15 years old. He managed to win his first championship title in the 125cc category in 2005. Everyone believed there’s gonna be a lot more to come from the young talent. However, he never managed to win any other titles ever since.

Lüthi’s Moto2 championship title has become something like Di Caprio’s Academy Award was a few years ago. Nobody knows how he hasn’t won any yet, and everyone expects him to get one very soon. Between 2007 and 2015 he couldn’t finish in the top 3 positions in the riders’ standings. In 2016 and 2017 he managed to get close by reaching the 2nd spot, but he lost those titles to Zarco and Morbidelli. In the next year, tried his luck in the MotoGP category, but couldn’t even collect a point. His teammate and former main rival, Morbidelli has received 50.

After a disappointing season, Lüthi made his way back to Moto2, and online sportsbook sites in the UK believe that this could be his year. The Swiss rider is the favorite to win the championship alongside Lorenzo Baldassarri. He’s going to take Xavi Vierge’s place in Dynavolt Intact GP, who’s finished 11th last season. We’re not saying that betting on Lüthi has no risks at all. However, he’s arguably got the experience and the talent to take his chance and finally win the title. He’s definitely in the mix, and we expect big things from him.

Baldassarri’s eyes are on reaching the highest level

BetVictor expects Lorenzo Baldassarri to challenge Thomas Lüthi for the title. The 22-year-old Italian quickly skipped Moto3 in his career – he’s only spent a year there – and jumped in at the deep end. In 2015 he finished his first Moto2 year in the 25th position – last year, he was the 5th best rider in the category. This year, he could achieve a lot more.

Baldassarri is one of the recent VR46 Academy-graduates. This means that he had the chance to learn from the legend himself: Valentino Rossi. He’s admitted that the Doctor had a great influence on his riding style. “I was working on details, and I learned from Vale. […] With this school with him, we are growing up very fast.” – Baldassarri said earlier in an interview.

His dream is obviously to compete on the highest level. Riding stronger and faster bikes could actually be an advantage for him. But beforehand, he must prove himself in Moto2. With a little bit of luck, we believe he’s more than capable to beat Luthi and the other talents in this competitive category.

“I’m thinking about it since I was a child, because it’s one of my dreams to go to MotoGP. The important thing is to not be in too much of a hurry to make this jump. […] Much more power, for sure it would be good, because I’m tall and heavy. So it will be very nice, and I want to try it. Tomorrow!” – Lorenzo Baldassarri

Marcel Schrotter could be the underdog to surprise everyone

Once we’re going through the best Moto2 winner betting odds and our predictions, we must mention Marcel Schrotter. 10 years after his debut in the 125cc category, BetVictor argues that his time has come this year. The Dynavolt Intact GP rider has finished in the 8th spot last season, but he could get closer to the title this year.

Marcel Schrotter
Schrotter in 2015

Though he’s already 26 years old, Schrotter has never won a GP so far. Even if we look at his medals, we could only find one from last year. However, since two of his biggest rivals, Bagnaia and Oliveira received a MotoGP contract, things got a bit easier for Schrotter. Not that easy, of course. He still has to fight Lüthi, Baldassarri, as well as Garner, Fernandez and Lowes… What a year this is going to be!

BetVictor pays a pretty decent amount of money if you place a successful bet on Marcel Schrotter. Though we are sure and certain this is going to be his best ever season, we don’t think he could be faster than his Swiss teammate. We believe he’s a bit of an underdog here, and it’s safer to bet on Lüthi or Baldassarri to win the title this season.

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