The F1 Betting Odds On Charles Leclerc Show Cars Still King

  • Australian Grand Prix Kicks Off New Season Of Formula One
  • 2019 F1 Betting Odds On Charles Leclerc 5/2 This Weekend
  • Lewis Hamilton Still Favorite To Be World Champion Again
2019 F1 Betting Odds On Charles Leclerc
All eyes are on Charles Leclerc

The new season of Formula One kicks off this weekend in Melbourne and it only takes a quick look at the 2019 F1 betting odds on Charles Leclerc to know that despite a few minor rule changes the status quo of the sport has been maintained. That means if you were about to rush off to Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Australia these days, to pick a winner, you shouldn’t let the hype sway you from the fact that this year is likely to be another two horse race.

I was filled with immense sadness when I heard the tragic news. I’m devastated. It is a great loss not only for me personally but also the entire Formula 1 family, the FIA and Motorsport as a whole.” Said former team boss Ross Brawn. No, he wasn’t commenting on the new rule giving a point to the driver who get the fastest lap in a race, but on the passing of Charlie Whiting who died earlier this week, possibly after having seen those 2019 F1 betting odds on Charles Leclerc.

2019 WDC Formula 1 Odds

  • Kimi Raikkonen – Alfa Romeo – 150/1
  • Daniel Ricciardo – Renault – 80/1
  • Pierre Gasly – Red Bull – 50/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – Mercedes – 25/1
  • Max Verstappen – Red Bull – 9/1
  • Charles Leclerc – Ferrari – 9/2
  • Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari – 7/4
  • Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes – 6/5

Naturally, whilst everyone in F1 will mourn the death of Charlie Whiting, the show must go on and what a show it is likely to be as the teams line up for the season opener down under. All eyes will be on Ferrari who still face the Mercedes package of Hamilton and Bottas who’ll be hoping to retain their dominance from last season. The 2019 F1 betting odds on Charles Leclerc becoming champion then, aren’t the best bet on sports in Australia because of team tactics.

Formula One Still A Two And A Half Horse Race   

Charles Leclerc F1 Betting Odds
Charles Leclerc

Valtteri Bottas has driven all but selflessly for Mercedes since joining them, often referred to as Lewis Hamilton’s Tail Gunner, and whilst the 2019 F1 betting odds on Charles Leclerc give him 9/2 at Bet365 to win the Drivers World Championship, that’s more a reflection of the car’s power output than his realistic chances. Vettel is still Ferrari’s No.1 driver and it may well be beholden upon Leclerc to be his Bottas. Bottas himself gets 25/1 to be champ which highlights this issue.


Bottas will be driving the same car as Hamilton, and Hamilton gets 6/5 to be champion at the end of the season. Why the difference? Well yes, Lewis is the better driver, but he benefits most from being Mercedes primary around which all else must revolve. Sebastian Vettel, at just 7/4 behind Lewis, will want just as much help from Ferrari’s new No.2, so those partaking of Australian gambling laws might want to leave those 2019 F1 betting odds on Charles Leclerc well alone.

Australian F1 GP Odds 2019

  • Anyone Else – 1000/1+
  • Carlos Sainz – 500/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 400/1
  • Kevin Magnussen – 300/1
  • Romain Grosjean – 250/1
  • Nico Hulkenberg – 200/1
  • Daniel Ricciardo – 150/1
  • Pierre Gasly – 50/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 11/1
  • Max Verstappen – 8/1
  • Charles Leclerc – 5/2
  • Lewis Hamilton – 9/4
  • Sebastian Vettel – 7/4

2019 F1 Betting Odds On Charles Leclerc 9/2 At Bet365

Obviously Max Verstappen will claim that Red Bull have a chance to challenge for the championship alongside Ferrari and Mercedes. Frankly, he’s kidding himself, and the 9/1 odds he gets to win the season at Bet365 reflect that. The one-time wunderkind now quite a way back on those 2019 F1 betting odds on Charles Leclerc is getting, although it’s a fair bit better than the other Red Bull of Pierre Gasly who garners 50/1. But the big give away are the odds on Kimi.

When driving for Ferrari Raikkonen got low single digit prices, now out at Alfa Romeo he gets 150/1, and that’s all you need know. The cars, and the budget spent on them, are the most important factors still in F1. So you can pick a bet on which of the chinless posh boys in fireproof romper suits will win, even taking those 2019 F1 betting odds on Charles Leclerc at Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in Australia, but it’ll be the cars and tactics that will decide.


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