Is A Bet On Norway To Win The Most Gold Medals A Safe Wager?

Bet On Norway

If you’re a fan of placing the occasional bet on sports in Norway you’re probably already familiar with their prowess in various winter sports but does that mean you should head on over to internet bookies like BetVictor to bet on Norway winning the most gold medals at the PyeongChang 2018 games? We take a look.

  • Should you bet on Norway to win the most gold medals?
  • Can 13/8 chance Germany bring home the most gold?
  • Will the USA overcome their 9/2 odds to win the most gold medals?
  • Are the 8/5 odds on Norway a fair representation of their chances?

The Winter Olympics has seen better days. The 2022 games were awarded to China with Kazakhstan the only other nation interested in hosting them, the waning popularity of the sports included and the massive costs scaring off Oslo, Stockholm and St Moritz among others. When even Oslo isn’t willing to bet on Norway, where winter sports are actually still hugely popular, being able to make their money back on the massive investment necessary, something is very wrong with the entire concept.

Russia spending $51billion to stage the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi set the stage for a spiraling of costs and requirements for infrastructural guarantees that means the International Olympic Committee now has quite the challenging finding hosts for it’s games. Paris and Los Angeles have been nailed down for the 2024 and 2028 summer games but after China in 2022 finding taker for 2026 could be tricky and don’t bet on Norway to even bother applying, not even if they win the most gold medals this time round.

IOC Struggles To Find Hosts For Future Olympic Games

2018 Winter Olympics

  • PyeongChang 2018
  • South Korea
  • Feb 9th – 25th
  • 88 Teams
  • 102 Events
  • 15 Sports

The massive costs involved have meant that the promise of a transformative Olympics that provides an economic boost to the host city has rung hugely hollow, with some cities struggling to recoup the losses incurred and several white elephants of Olympic construction left behind to remind them of their folly. This means the IOC is now looking at harm-reduction models to attempt to minimize the damage done by the Olympics, but don’t bet on Norway falling for that soft soap, there’s no removing the negative impact.

It remains to be seen what sort of costs will be run up by South Korea as they host the 2018 games despite the threat of ICBM attack by neighboring North Korea, and just how much worse those costs will become if teams decide to stay away due to that security threat as France, Germany and Austria have mentioned they might. Don’t bet on Norway joining them in any boycott, there isn’t a Norwegian gambling news headlines will scream of their team pulling out. Why not? Because they’re due to win.

Bet On Norway To Win The Most Gold Medals At BetVictor

Online bookies like BetVictor are offering handsome odds on any bet on Norway to win the most gold medals at the 2018 Winter Olympics. If you’re quick you can still get 8/5 on them coming out on top, with Germany a close second place at 13/8 although some might say the USA is a good wager at 9/2 now the Russian team is unlikely to participate following the Russian Olympic Committee being suspended for their state-sponsored doping program coming to light under the WADA spotlight.

Now obviously Canada are in with a shot but only get 6/1 at sites like BetVictor because they’ve not quite got the depth of team, a similar issue confronts the Netherlands which is why they only garner 9/1 at best. The poor hosts, who’ll be a great deal poorer once all the bills come in, manage 25/1 to win the most gold medals at their own games, but frankly are unlikely to manage the top three, and if you’re going to take advantage of say Norwegian gambling laws to pick the winner of the most gold medals you really do have to bet on Norway.

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