Bet on 2021 Produce Camp: China’s Trending Talent Show

  • 2021 marks the fourth instalment of Produce Camp
  • This season features 90 aspiring male singers to form an 11-member boy band
  • Produce Camp 2021 premiers 17 February
bet on 2021 Produce Camp

Without a doubt, this year a bet on 2021 Produce Camp is a must as 90 aspiring male singers will battle it out to make on the ultimate international boy band. 

At this time, China’s Produce Camp 2021 will be live from 17 February. This season, 90 aspiring male singers from various countries will compete to book their place in an 11-member international boy band. Now you can bet on 2021 Produce Camp contenders to secure a top 11 finish. 

Presently, these are some of the top contenders who stand a considerable chance to achieve this according to 22BET Sportsbook

Contestant  Odds
Ren Yinpeng 1.03
Caelan Moriarty 1.05
Yin Haoyu 1.10
Oscar Wang 1.25
Gan Wangxing 1.50

Bet on 2021 Produce Camp frontrunner Ren Yinpeng to secure a top 11 finish 

At this time, Ren Yinpeng is among the top contenders to bet on 2021 Produce Camp to make the 11-member band. So far, Yinpeng is making both his hometown of Chongqing, China, and company, Wajijiwa Entertainment proud.

This is thanks to top individual performances in his team Overlord of the Flower Islands. As a result, Ren Yinpeng poses as a safe bet on 22BET Sportsbook with odds at 1.03. Next, Caelan Moriarty follows with the second-best odds to make Produce Camp the band. 

Presently, Caelan Moriarty is among the international acts competing this season according to the online sportsbook news in China. However, this hasn’t stopped the Cuban singer from achieving great feats in the show. At this time, Caelan Moriarty has the second-best odds to secure a top 11 finish at 1.05.

More top contenders eyeing a spot on Produce Camp’s boy band 

Undoubtedly, the stakes are high this season as there are only 11 spots available in Produce Camps 2021 boy band. Fortunately for Yin Haoyu, he’s among the hopeful who stand a good chance to make the cut for the band. 

At this time, Yin Haoyu is the third favorite to bet on 2021 Produce to secure a top 11 finish. Next, we have Oscar Wang from Sichuan, China who is another of the top contenders in the 2021 Produce Camp competition. 

Presently, Oscar Wang has the fourth-best odds on the online sportsbooks in China at 1.25 to make the 11-member band. Lastly, Gang Wangxing is another 2021 Produce Camp contestant who stands a chance to secure a spot in this season’s band. 

So far, the contestant from Hunan, China has the fifth-best odds to win at 1.50 on 22BET Sportsbook.

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