Bet On 2022 LCS Summer Split – Best Predictions And Tips


Posted: June 18, 2022

Updated: June 18, 2022

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Now you can Bet On the 2022 LCS Summer Split under League of Legends at the online sportsbook sites in the EU. This is one of the most anticipated events in the LOL and eSports betting community. Because despite not being the strongest region, the American Championship has always played a huge role in the making of the fan base.

Therefore, the strongest North American teams are going to face off against each other on the most professional levels of esport competition. You will see the usual teams of Liquid, Cloud9, TSM, Flyquest, and Immortals doing their absolute best to win the cup for themselves. 

Bet On 2022 LCS Summer Split

If you want to bet on the 2022 LCS, then you can easily bet on the 2022 LCS Summer Split at 20Bet Sportsbook. Because the championship will begin tomorrow, and it will run for 8 consecutive weeks. After these 8 weeks, you will see the finals where the best performing teams will face off against each other in an elimination format.

If you are interested, but you are also inexperienced in eSports betting, then we recommend you to read a beginner’s guide to betting on League of Legends. Because you don’t need to be good at the game. However, you have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the participating teams and their players. The previous spring split has left everyone amazed by the unexpected results. On the other hand, it was disappointing for a few fans who expected their team to win.

The Strongest Teams

According to Inven Global, the strongest team at the moment is Team Liquid. Furthermore, from gathering the opinions of all professional bettors and league of legends fans. Everyone seems to agree that this year the strongest team is Team Liquid. Because they have Santorin, Bwipo, Bjergsen, Hans Sama, and CoreJJ in the same team.

If you are unfamiliar with these names, then they are pretty much the Christiano Ronaldo and Lionell Messi of the American League of Legends. Furthermore, you have two other teams that are exceptionally great. Evil Geniuses, the last winners of the Spring Split, and 100Thieves. The last two teams finished the spring LCS above a 70% win rate. Therefore, they are the best items to pick when you bet on the 2022 LCS market.

How To Bet On 2022 LCS Summer Split

According to Upcomer, you can watch the official broadcast of Riot Games on Twitch.TV or Youtube every day. Furthermore, these matches will begin on Friday, June 17. Normal games will go live at 4:30 P.M ET. On Saturdays at 3.30 P.M ET. You can visit your sportsbook before the conclusion of every single match to place your bets. However, you should always bet as early as you can.

Because the odds might change based on the performance of the teams. But if you bet on something, then you will win the money of the odds you placed your bet on. Therefore, never wait until the very end of the bracket. Because you should bet on 2022 LCS against the bookies. However, if you are not an expert, then you might want to go with the modified odds to place safe bets.

The Available Odds – Bet On The 2022 LCS

The reason why you should bet on the 2022 LCS is that you can expect to see the most Iconic LoL moments unfolding. Because these are the best players in the North American region, which is known to be the third to fourth-strongest region out of all participating countries.

Therefore, if you are interested in the highest form of competitive League of Legends, the 2022 LCS Summer has it for you. Furthermore, we are going to present you the available odds in the box below, so you can see what to expect from the sportsbook sites.

Team 1 Team 2
Immortals – 4.12 Team Liquid – 1.21
Dignitas – 1.35 Counter Logic Gaming – 3.03
Cloud9 – 1.47 Golden Guardians – 2.5
Dignitas – 3.11 Team Liquid – 1.32
Team Solomid – 1.55 Counter Logic Gaming – 2.3
100Thieves – 1.44 Dignitas – 2.6
Flyquest – 2.94 Evil Geniuses – 1.35
Counter Logic Gaming – 2.53 Golden Guardians – 1.46
Team Solomid – 1.58 Immortals – 2.23

The Weakest Teams

According to The Game Haus, the teams you should avoid when you place a bet on the 2022 LCS are TSM, CLG, and Golden Guardians. Many teams are worthy to bet on at the 2022 LCS. However, ever since they started to fall off, we are talking about the professional scene of 2022, 10 years later from their glory days. The brand has lost the majority of its iconic players who are already on a different team or retired.

Therefore, you really shouldn’t lose money just because you like the history of the logo of these teams. They have been underperforming for almost a decade now. And even if they had one or two exceptional players, they are all playing for the teams mentioned above. For example, TSM has been kept alive by Bjergsen for a long time. But now he is the mid-laner of Team Liquid.

Tips and Predictions

If you are an eSports bettor and a league of legends fan too. Then you might find yourself unsatisfied with professional opinions. However, as a bettor, you need to place bets with an open mind. Therefore, we have the following tips and predictions for you to think about before you’d place your bet on the 2022 LCS.

Firstly, you should always bet on the victory of Team Liquid during this split. They demolished both of the best teams last season. However, this time those teams have lost their most valuable players. However, skip the bet if the top teams fight against each other unless it’s a guaranteed win.

Secondly, you should never place a bet on the victory of Dignitas or CLG. They might prove themselves better this time. However, they are not a safe option for sports bettors. Finally, place a bet on TSM if they play against weaker teams.

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Where To Bet On 2022 LCS Summer Split

You can support a losing team, by hoping that the LOL LCS Academy is going to bring new talents for them. For example, the FlyQuest Academy is more successful than the mother team. Therefore, if you are looking forward to placing a bet on the 2022 LCS Summer Split, then you should visit Bet20 Sportsbook. They are available in most countries in the EU. However, if the website isn’t available for you, then you can always find the best betting sites by using our dictionary. This is the best opportunity to bet on the 2022 LCS Summer Split.

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