LOL LCS Academy Series: Information, Predictions, Betting


Posted: February 21, 2022

Updated: February 21, 2022

  • The difference between LCS Teams and their Academy teams
  • Predictions and betting information for the LOL LCS Academy
  • LOL LCS Academy - Information, Predictions, Betting

If you are new to League of Legends and the betting lines surrounding it, then you probably have a few questions. First, we recommend you read a beginner’s guide to betting on league of legends. Then return to this article to understand the depths of LOL betting lines. If you ever visited any of the online sportsbook sites in the US. Then you probably saw the betting line called LOL LCS Academy. But what is the difference between the LOL LCS and the LOL LCS Academy? In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the LOL LCS Academy tournament and betting. Because we understand that the difference between TSM and TSM Academy might be confusing for those who are new to esports betting.

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What is the LOL LCS Academy

As the name suggests, the LOL LCS Academy is tied together with training and education. According to Canton University, there are existing university esport teams. However, the LOL LCS Academy is not featuring those teams. To explain it in more detail, the greatest teams are participating in events such as the World Championship series. Because these are the best lol teams to bet on. However, they are often not allowed to participate in minor esport leagues to keep the competition fair. Their solution was to create Academy teams. Because there is a constant demand for new faces in the esport scene. The Academy teams and the Academy series are featuring players who are still training to become the best LOL players. Because if they perform well, the main team might invite them as a replacement or maybe the main roster player later.

The teams of LOL LCS Academy

According to Invenglobal, all 10 LOL LCS Academy teams have confirmed and locked their rosters for the 2022 season. These players are the most promising in minor professional championship leagues. Because they are above the average soloq challengers, they aren’t trained yet for the grand scenes. Being a part of an Academy team is something like a scholarship in universities. Where you can get experience before you join the biggest companies.

These teams are all representing the names of the teams you already know from the LCS and World Championship. To help you understand, we collected the teams and their 2021 win rates so you’ll have an idea of the current scene. Because the participating teams are the following:

  • FlyQuest Academy – 72% Win Rate in 2021
  • Team Liquid Academy – 64% Win Rate in 2021
  • 100 Thieves Academy – 61% Win Rate in 2021
  • Cloud9 Academy – 56% Win Rate in 2021
  • Evil Geniuses Academy – 50% Win Rate in 2021
  • Immortals Academy – 47% Win Rate in 2021
  • Team SoloMid Academy – 47% Win Rate in 2021
  • Golden Guardians Academy – 42% Win Rate in 2021
  • Dignitas Academy – 36% Win Rate in 2021
  • CLG Academy – 25% Win Rate in 2021

Why is It Better Than The Grand Leagues?

You should follow and bet on the LOL LCS Academy series. Because the professional scene is exciting, but nothing makes a better betting event than untrained professionals. Fresh and new faces every year, and you may follow the career of a player from the Academy team to the main team’s roster.

This format allows fans to witness the run of a player from the smallest to the biggest championship series. And of course, if you can win a handsome amount of money. Because if you were to guess the best Academy team five years ago, you probably would have said TSM. Yet as you can see, FlyQuest Academy has been dominating last year’s scene. According to Reuters, the 2021 season brought new changes to the scene. There are going to be three tiers of competition. Because Riot Games wants to give new teams a chance to compete.

Predictions by GamingZion

The betting type for the LOL LCS Academy is usually outright betting on the winner of the competition or head-to-head betting between teams. You may find specific bets, such as first blood, matches, or kills and game length above/under. But the main category we are going to focus on is outright. Because that is the most likely to be available on any sportsbooks you might visit. We have the following tips and predictions for you to follow in 2022.

  • FlyQuest Academy didn’t change too much on their champion roster. Because of this, they are closer to an LCS team than an Academy team in experience, skill, and team play. This makes FlyQuest the likely outright winner this year again.
  • Team SoloMid Academy promoted a player to the LCS roster and demoted a pro-player to the Academy roster. This means that the team has a player with LCS experience. They are going to perform better than they did last year.

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  • Dignitas is one of the least prestigious names in the competition. They are not going to perform better than last or second to last place.
  • The following teams are at disadvantage due to player VISA issues and possible replacements for this season: TSM, Immortals, Cloud9, Liquid
  • Team Liquid has a new player, he might be the key to defeating FlyQuest this year.

Where to Bet on LOL LCS Academy

If you are interested in betting on the LOL LCS Academy, then you should visit Bovada. They are offering a 50% bonus of up to $1,000 for every new registration. They follow this tournament every year. And this is the perfect opportunity to bet on one of the Academy teams. What do you think? Will FlyQuest Academy hold its championship title, or will another team step up their game? Don’t forget to always gamble with responsibility, and stay gambling aware. If you are interested in the upcoming news about the League of Legends championship series, then follow our sportsbook news.

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