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The History of TSM

League of Legends is one of the most popular esports. This is why online sportsbook sites in the US are actively updating betting possibilities under this category. But what made esport so relevant? The answer is simple. It is because teams such as TSM show nothing but integrity, dedication, and professionalism. They are offering constant entertainment and esports education for the followers. The history of TSM is filled with many different feelings.

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The History of TSM: The Beginning

The History of TSM is filled with glory and heartbreak. Friendship and betrayal. But how did such a team come to be? First, it was not even a team. It started as a project of the Dinh brothers. They made a community of alpha testers, to better the game and create meta. It was called All or Nothing. Later they created an unofficial website and rebranded the community into SoloMid.net. They were not a team yet. But they had players representing the community: Saintvicious, TheOddOne, Chaox, Locodoco, Reginald.

Season 1 Championship

In 2011, Riot Games announced the first big prized championship. Participating in the championship, SoloMid.net turned their representatives into a competitive team. Saintvicious and Locodoco left the team, and instead, they were replaced by Chaox and The Rain Man. In the very first championship, they were defeated by the French team called Against All Authority. But they defeated Epik Gamer. In the finals, they lost to Against All Authority again, but they came out in third place. According to lol. fandom, the team won $10.000. This money was everything they needed to create the brand of TSM. And with this, the real history of TSM begins with the arrival of Season 2.

Season 2: Baylife

After the Season 1 Championship, TSM made sure to rebrand themselves from a slightly geeky yet useful online community, into a modern and professional esport team. They moved in together into a gaming house. They became active on social media and began to grow a business of selling merch. 


Mostly revolving around their catchphrase “baylife”. The arrival of Season 2 did not only change the game but the roster of TSM. The Rain Man wanted to focus on his solo queue rank, and because of that, he got replaced by the most iconic player of TSM. Marcus “Dyrus” Hill, the legendary top laner of Team SoloMid. In this year, they crushed their competitors, and they ended up finishing 3rd place in the World Championship. Because they lost to the most infamous cheaters of esport history.

Dramatic Departure and New Possibilities

Season 3 and its pre-season were an iconic time for Team SoloMid. The sound of the fans chanting the team’s name was not only because of their performance. But because they were iconic on social media. They were famous for being cool and easy-going. This changed, when the team captain, Reginald decided to bench their ad carry, Chaox. According to Dotesports, the benching was because Chaox was displaying an unprofessional attitude, and he was two hours late from a tournament match to hang out with fangirls.

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This is where the team recruited WildTurtle. Fans were skeptical about the switch, but on his first match, WildTurtle scored a pentakill. Later that day, Chaox was removed. His removal was a huge drama, filled with tears and shared opinions on social media.

Even More Drama: The History of TSM

The season did not end as the team expected it. Thanks to the time and state of esports, the team was suffering a lot of problems. Esport teams were not as professional as they are today. They were just good video game players, who made it big. Lacking coaching and social training. There were a lot of unprofessional dramas to talk about. Because Xpecial, the most dedicated player in the team, was showing assertive, passive-aggressive behavior. His opinions were not wrong, however. There were stream moments when team captain Reginald was seen behaving abusive towards Dyrus, and underperforming in matches as a shot caller.

Bjergsen: A New Chapter in The History of TSM

All this drama ended up becoming more and more taxing for the team. Because of their inner conflicts, Reginald first decided to coach Xpecial for him, disrespecting the team captain. They struggled to find a player as good as Xpecial. In the end, they replaced him with Lustboy. But what crowned the new chapter of TSM, was mid laner and captain Reginald retiring and staying as owner.

An iconic player Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg joined the team as the new mid laner. And he changed TSM for good, being the only mid laner at the time who could combat Faker’s skills. For the 2014 Season, iconic jungler TheOddOne retired and was replaced with Amazing. TSM advanced to the quarter-finals, where the World Championship winners defeated them.

The Strongest Roster

By this time, we reached the time of esport, when toxicity was not an issue anymore. There was obvious competitive behavior between teams, but overall it was all just a show. The final roster that sealed the history of TSM was Hauntzer joining toplane. But what was most surprising, is the most iconic adc of all times, Doublelift joining TSM. Doublelift was a competitor to TSM before CLG removed him. The last iconic roster of TSM was: Hauntzer, Svenskeren, Bjergsen, Doublelift, and YellOwStaR. After this roster, the esport scene changed. Because today, teams are less likely to remove players due to drama. This makes the scene all more professional and exciting game-wise.

The History of TSM – Where are they now?

These iconic players are separate today. They all went their own ways. Bjergsen has joined Team Liquid. Reginald is still the owner of the brand and the team.

Dyrus fully retired and became a professional streamer. Chaox had odd dramatic streams. Xpecial retired and made a career of becoming a gaming coach for Harrisburg University. WildTurtle is the most important player of Immortals. DoubleLift retired and is a streamer for the TSM brand. Hauntzer is a member of TSM Academy. The team is still active, and TSM Academy is also joining the smaller competitive scene.

Placing Bets on League of Legends

Stories such as these, are what made and still make esport entertaining. If you are in the mood to join the followers of this esport giant, then now is a perfect time. You can still follow the activity of TSM and TSM Academy. They might rise to their former fame once again, who knows? If you wish to bet on League of Legends, you can do it at Bovada Sportsbook. Which team is your favorite? Who is going to be the next TSM?

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