Bet on Aliens – The New Jersey UFO and the Venus Life Signs


Posted: September 16, 2020

Updated: September 16, 2020

  • What Was the New Jersey UFO?
  • Is There Life on Venus?
  • Will Aliens Truely Visit Us in the Upcoming Times?
  • The Answer is Out There, and You Can Bet on It at the 22BET Sportsbook

For every UFO lover, the past week was quite productive. In the US the related viral videos are quite regular. However, in the past days, things went crazy. Countless Tik-Tok and Instagram users captured weird flying objects. Probably the most shocking was the New Jersey UFO. Meanwhile, NASA found Venus life signs. Should you bet on Aliens to visit planet earth? Day by day it seems more and more likely to meet with other life forms from the Galaxy. But hold your horses for a second and let’s take a closer look at what’s happened exactly in New Jersey and what are the scientific expectations.

It’s always a fascinating feeling when you can explain in the latest sportsbook news in the US what UFO stands for. UFO is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Objects. And as you expected, if there are any unknown life signs appear, it grabs people’s attention. And as they go viral, you can be sure that sooner than later, you can bet on aliens as well. From the Venus to New Jersey, are you ready for the landing?bet on aliens at the 22BET Sportsbook

The New Jersey UFO isn’t what it seems but we must admit it was delusive

If you take a look at the Tik-Tok video below, you can see the notorious New Jersey UFO. It’s interesting in itself. However, the people’s reaction, who left their vehicles to capture the alien life signs is worth gold. You can watch the video here.

However, even if many people on the highway thought they have a sure bet on aliens to come, it turned out that the New Jersey UFO wasn’t even a special object. Actually, it was a Goodyear blimp that exactly looked like a flying saucer from the distance.

the New Jersey UFO was a Blimp
In fact, the New Jersey UFO was a Goodyear Blimp – Image source: Cory W. Watts from Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

The Venus life signs are promising but there is still no evidence

Venus was never NASA’s favorite planet during the search for stranger life forms. It’s hot with acid rains and with countless features like toxic gases and stuff which makes it completely unliveable. However, this opinion is completely changed this Monday (September 2020). NASA announced that they discovered a special gas in Venus’ atmosphere which conjectures that there are living creatures on the planet. According to the New York Times, from now the US space research will pay way more attention to the forgotten celestial body. Thus, Venus life signs will be proven or rebutted in short. Of course, in this industry, this means further years or even decades.

Venus Life Signs are Real
Venus life signs are real – The humanity has never been this close to meet alien life forms

You can bet on Aliens at the 22BET Sportsbook

And, of course, even if there is no New Jersey UFO but a blimp and the venus life signs are only signs yet, there will be a chance to bet on aliens at the online sportsbooks in the US. Next to numerous “space bets”, there is a wager when you can directly place your stakes on an alien visit. So, if you think they will visit us, take a look at the multipliers below and visit the 22BET Sportsbook.

Odds on Aliens at the 22BET Sportsbook
Aliens will officially visit Planet Earth before 2021 (Yes) 43.00

bet on aliens to visit us

In summary, the options like this bet on aliens or the other special space-technology related options are more and more popular day by day. To be true, as a skeptic I don’t expect that an E.T or Alf-like lil’ guy will rings my doorbell tonight. However, according to NASA’s lates discoveries like the Venus life signs are turning me a believer. Maybe, one day we will find a little worm in our Solar-System or a worm-hole which leads to the truth out there. Who knows? Based on what happened in 2020 until now, it doesn’t even sound impossible.

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