How to Withdraw Winnings From Online Casinos – Every Method Explained

  • There are many ways to withdraw winning money
  • Bank, eWallet, or cheque - which method is the most popular?
  • Play casino games at Intertops if you want to win & cash out real money
withdraw winnings from online casinos

Once you hit the jackpot in any gambling game, the next step is to withdraw winnings from online casinos safely. If you doubt where to start from, we know at least five ways to turn your virtual profit into real money. Check them right away!

Winning money at online casinos in the US is a frequent and pleasant experience many gamblers have already faced. When the euphoria of hitting the jackpot backs down, here comes time to think about getting money from a casino. This is not as complicated as you may think and we will tell you about 5 reliable ways to withdraw winnings from online casinos.

You should remember that every winning is taxed before you take it. So, always pay attention to the local taxation policy to be not surprised.

5 ways to withdraw winnings from online casinos without problems

There are many ways to take winning money from online casinos. However, we will describe only 5 of them as the most reliable and widespread among lucky gamblers. Their personal experience was also considered while choosing ways to get money.

The most popular ways to turn money from online into offline include debit or credit card transfer, bank transfer, chequing, cashing out, and using eWallets. Let’s see what ways of money withdrawal winners usually use and what pros & cons each of them has.

Transfer money directly to your card

If you have won money at online gambling sites in the US, the fastest way to get it is to ask for a transfer to your debit/credit card. This method of winning withdrawal is the safest, fastest, and requires minimum effort from you. Unlike other payout methods, it is used by almost every gambling site and doesn’t ask for fees. Generally speaking, this is the best option to withdraw winnings from online casinos.

withdraw winnings from online casinos
How much did you win today?

To get your money to the card, all you have to do is to contact the casino and ask for transferring winnings to your card. However, pay attention that not all cards are suitable for it. Surely, Visa and Mastercard usually face zero problems, but better read the casino policy before asking for a transfer. 

Also, pay attention that transferring money to cards requires up to 3 workdays. Despite these nuances, it is still the most popular way to get money from casinos if you have won it.

Go to cashier

A bit old school but still a reliable way to withdraw winnings from online casinos is going to the cashier. This method is the most popular among lottery fans, so if you play it too, cashing out paper money may fit you. It is also good for those who don’t fully trust banks and prefer saving money in cash.

To cash out your winnings, you have to make sure that your casino supports this option. If yes, ask for confirmation of winning money and go with it to the nearest bank. Don’t forget to take all your documents along! Also, note that withdrawing big sums cannot take one visit as cashiers may not save big money. So, if you want to get cash, you better notify them in advance.

Use eWallets

One of the best ways to get winnings from modern casinos like Intertops Casino is to use eWallets. This is probably the second most popular money withdrawal method. It is fast, easy, and – most importantly – allows keeping money in cryptocurrency. Such a perfect choice for those who look in the future.

withdraw winnings from online casinos
Let’s cash out!

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of eWallets, so just check which ones your casino supports. For instance, Intertops works with Ecopayz, Neteller, SEPA, and seven other ways to withdraw money.

Ask to give you cheques

One of the oldest but still used ways to withdraw winnings from online casinos is to ask for cheques. Not all casinos allow such methods, but if you meet one, be sure that you receive physical, not electronic money.

In general, cheques aka method of money withdrawal is very similar to cashiers. It has the same advantages and disadvantages: real paper money, reliability, but slow time, high withdrawal fees, and sharing personal data. This method is also not good for people who prefer to stay anonymous after hitting the jackpot.

Bank transfer is a good idea

The last but not least way to receive winnings from gambling sites is to ask for a bank transfer. Almost every gambling site offers this option, so it is quite popular among winners. This method differs from sending money directly to your card as it is usually used when a person has neither a card nor eWallet. This way of money withdrawal is safe and reliable, but a bit slow in comparison to other kinds of transfer. Usually, it takes at least several days to make a transaction, so you will have to wait to get your millions.

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