Artificial Intelligence In The Gambling Industry


Posted: September 16, 2020

Updated: September 16, 2020

  • The rapid development of new technologies change our world.
  • Artificial intelligence has become a part of our daily life.
  • Let's take a look at how artificial intelligence in the gambling industry works!

Artificial intelligence has long ceased to be a crazy idea of a few enthusiastic scientists or horror stories from the Terminator movies. It has deeply rooted in all areas of our life, whether it is space exploration or an application on your smartphone for highly artistic photo processing. Such a rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies could not but affect the field of online casinos and gambling in general. So let’s take a look at how artificial intelligence in the gambling industry works.

First of all, we need to define the main concepts. Artificial intelligence is a scientific concept that requires machines to achieve a level of intelligence and the ability to perform creative tasks that were previously considered the prerogative of humans only. Most AI methods are built on the principles of machine learning. It is a field of knowledge used to train artificial intelligence to solve problems not in a direct way, but through the analysis of solutions to many similar problems. Nowadays, there are two types of machine learning. The first program reveals empirical patterns based on the presented data sample. Meanwhile, the second is based on the initial set of rules, the so-called expert laws. But which one do they use in the online casinos in the USA?

Artificial intelligence in the gambling industry vs human brain

Various statistical studies aside, the history of the practical application of artificial intelligence in games dates back to May 1997. It was when the illustrious supercomputer from IBM “Deep Blue” won a six-game chess match against titled champion Garry Kasparov by one point. In subsequent years, the machines only hone their skills and outperformed people. In the spring of 2016, the victory of Google’s AlphaGo program over one of the main champions of the game Lee Sedol with a score of 4:1 made a lot of noise.

Artificial Intelligence In The Gambling Industry
They are coming!

Equally sensational was the 20-day poker tournament between Libratus and the top four professional poker players in Pittsburgh in January 2017. 120,000 Texas Hold’em game then ended in a devastating defeat for the “human” team. Indeed, the machine won more than two million dollars from people. This story is especially noteworthy! If the two previous games are based on strategy and analysis of statistics, then poker has always been considered a game in which betting tactics and even an emotional component prevail over strategy and the original set of cards. Libratus, the rival of human players, actually made decisions, including “reading” the expressions of the players’ faces. This was a great breakthrough in artificial intelligence in the gambling industry.

AI in the gaming industry

Is it possible that the humiliation of champions by bitter losses is the only thing that artificial intelligence is capable of in gambling? Of course, no. Indeed, AI can do more useful things. Gambling addicts are always bad for any institution or company. They create a negative background around the industry and eventually become the heroes of some sad articles in the mass media. However, artificial intelligence in the gambling industry comes for the rescue!

Land-based casinos are pretty quick to figure out such people and add them to the “black” lists. It is more difficult for online casinos in the USA to identify gambling addicts. This is where artificial intelligence comes to the rescue. New technologies make it possible to calculate susceptible gambling addiction in the early stages. They are based on the analysis of their behavioral patterns and other factors. As a result, a suspicious account may be limited in rights, and the player will be offered help before one has time to make trouble.

BetBuddy artificial intelligence software is one of the successful examples of this technology. Today, it helps to spread the idea of ​​responsible gambling among players. The application uses neural networks, random algorithms, and other methods to detect suspicious game behavior. Then it reports such players to the operator so that one can take action. Well, seems like a brilliant idea. Maybe the Intertops Casino will use it soon.

Profound data analysis

In terms of processing power, the human brain cannot surpass the computer. The high analysis accuracy and the ability to process incredible amounts of data allows artificial intelligence in the gambling industry to calculate the most realistic game odds and probabilities. You might think that this will only play into the hands of online casinos in the USA and allow gambling institutions to increase their profits. However, artificial intelligence can do a lot for players as well. An example is the Sharkscope game database, which contains the largest amount of online poker tournament data. Sharkscope offers comprehensive poker match statistics that players can use to improve their results. Read our article about Artificial Intelligence in Online Poker to learn some interesting facts about it!

Artificial Intelligence In The Gambling Industry
It’s coming alive!

Virtual reality in the gambling industry

Today, the main demographic segment of online gamblers is made up of people over 35-40 years old. However, the main players in the market have long been fighting to get the younger generation into online gaming. It is VR technologies based on artificial intelligence that can help operators attract millennials with a digital world of unlimited possibilities. After all, it is unlikely that young people will go to a land-based casino or play from a PC. However, they are much more involved in mobile gaming than the older generation. Find out more about Best VR Casinos Online and enjoy the new era of gambling. And if you want to have a usual gambling experience, then visit the Intertops Casino and start making real money!

Customer service from artificial intelligence in the gambling industry

Imagine, you have a problem while playing at one of the online casinos in the USA. So you write to the support service, and in response, you get something like “I don’t understand. Do you need help? ” or a nonsensical set of links to an FAQ section. Usually, they are not even relevant to your situation. Unfortunately, in this case, you are dealing with a chatbot that can do little to help.

It is the artificial intelligence that will help to cope with such a task and make all these impolite chatbots out of work. Modern AI service agents will have access to player data and thus provide more personalized advice and guidance. A recent Oracle study shows that 78% of established companies have deployed or plan to implement artificial intelligence technologies by 2020 to improve customer service.

A personalized future is around the corner

It is difficult to predict the development of artificial intelligence in the gambling industry in the future, as it is still in its infancy. However, one thing is clear that it will continue to change our lives. Online gambling will become so personalized that you will feel as if you have your casino with all the personal privileges. These are truly the Most Fantastic Technologies that Will Innovate Online Gambling!

Of course, experts remind that AI is a double-edged sword, and one can also use to cheat casinos. However, they balance it by the fact that online casinos are also developing technologies to detect such fraud. Therefore, it benefits both gambling operators and honest players. Perhaps now the influence of artificial intelligence is invisible to the eye. However, smart machines are increasingly being used in many spheres and areas. Just visit the Intertops Casino and see the future with your own eyes!

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