Bet on Benzema Leaving Real Madrid – Did He Sell Himself Yesterday?

Karim Benzema Next Club

Real Madrid have always been known for its attacking mentality and for having the best available strikers. However, currently they seriously lack a top class striker as Karim Benzema has been Zidane’s number 1 choice for the position. Should we bet on Benzema’s next club any time soon?

Online sportsbook news sites in Spain were extremely excited back in 2009, when Real Madrid signed the French striker talent from Olympique Lyionnais. Karim Benzema, at the age of 21, made his career to the next level and left his home country in hopes of triumphing with the Galacticos.

He was obviously a man for the future back when he was transferred and he did well enough in the beginning. In fact, he has been with Real Madrid ever since. This is Benzema’s 9th season at the Royal Club, but Real Madrid fans seem to have too much of him. Real Madrid need a new striker because Benzema keeps failing to become an important member of the team.

Should you bet on Benzema’s next club already?

Benzema has never been the kind of striker who would score a goal when his team needed it the most. Real Madrid had that kind of striker last season. His name is Alvaro Morata but Real Madrid sold him to Chelsea, where he already counts 6 goals and the season hardly even begun…

Benzema has only one goal so far this season. And that’s not because he isn’t picked by the manger or because the team would be incapable of creating chances for the striker. It’s because he does not manage to put the ball in the net. Not even from the easiest chances, not even from chances where live betting online sportbook sites in Spain would rate at 1.01 to score. He’d still miss, just like he missed against Tottenham Hotspur.

He missed chances that were unacceptable at this level. A Real Madrid striker should be able to score at least one goal from chances Benzema had. And he has been doing this at almost every game since the beginning of last season. And yet Zidane kept on picking him over Morata and started a new season with Benzema as Real Madrid’s only striker.

Will Benzema be replaced at Real Madrid?

For a very long time, the odds in the online sportsbook directory expected Real Madrid to bring Kylian Mbappe in to replace Alvaro Morata. Howeve,r the French wonderkid chose PSG instead and Real Madrid were forced to start the season with only Karim Benzema and Borja Mayoral.

Last season was incredibly bad for the French footballer, so Real Madrid fans hoped he could only do better this season. But so far, he is performing at the same, unacceptable level. Should we bet on Benzema’s next club at this point? Should we expect Benzema to finally grow some self criticism and admit that he is not good enough for this level?

And if that is to happen, who would join Real Madrid to replace him? Vinicius Junior is knocking on the door but the Brazilian is still only 18 years old. Sports betting predictions write a lot about Harry Kane, but he wasn’t any better and he never performed at the highest level. Who do you think should replace Benzema? Let us know what you tihnk by leaving a comment below!

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